Still think Republicans are honestly going to fulfill your goals of ending abortion?

The measure is tentatively on House GOP leaders’ list of bills to be considered in a lame-duck session before Democrats assume control of Congress. It has no chance of passing the Senate during the waning days of Republican control. But, with Democrats ascending to agenda-setting roles, passage isn’t the point, said one conservative leader.

You know, in this last election a singificant portion of white evangelicals realized the GOP was playing them for chumps. They got sick of being the GOP’s perpetual political booty call. Maybe next time around, it’ll be the pro-lifers who wise up and realize the most Republicans think they’re good for is a quick drunk screw after the bars close, and would rather chew their arms off than wake up with the people with whom they’ve just spent the night.


5 thoughts on “Suckers

  1. but but but the alternative is worse!
    so it goes for single fucking issue voters.

  2. I tend to be somewhat conservative in religious matters.
    Even I turn up my nose at the above as the anti-abortion bills are run at the end of the session – a time reserved for totally inane bills introduced strictly for the “show value.”
    Witness the bill to allow concealed firearms on national land. Its about time for an amendment celebrating the plumage of the Gila Monster.
    [BTW – Before someone tells me, I know they don’t have feathers. But did you know that a new diabetes medicine has been made from their slobber?]

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