Must See TeeVee

This could be fun.

A cartoon satire of US President George Bush will appear on American TV channel Comedy Central, according to BBC News. Mr. Bush and the most important members of his administration will be portrayed as children in Lil’ Bush: Resident of the United States. In one scene Lil’ Bush is seen torturing cafeteria staff for serving up falafel instead of hot dogs.

Here’s the “Hotdog” episode, others can be found on YouTube.

10 thoughts on “Must See TeeVee

  1. I thought L’il Rummy looked more like L’il KKKarl. Other than that, it was spot on.

  2. I LOVED the part where lil’ Cheney makes monster noises instead of takling.
    Of course I do hope they show a REAL scene from his childhood where he shot a BB gun at his little brothers and sisters as they ran down the hall.

  3. Oh, my. Heads gonna ‘splode all over wingnutistan.
    Didn’t think the Rummy character was very good, but the rest were terrifyingly accurate…

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