Your President Speaks!

Chimpy went running into the warm, loving arms of Britt Hume last night.

Murder Bad!

And let me say one thing about both the prime minister and his eminence, Mr. Hakim. Both of them understand that murderers must be stopped, that you can’t have a society, a constitutional government, presiding over a society in which murderers are allowed to run free. And both men said, look, we’re going to take — we will deal with murderers regardless of their political persuasion and I appreciated that a lot because I told him — I said look, we understand al Qaeda and we’re going to prevent al Qaeda from developing safe haven in Iraq.

Suiciders Are Spectacular Death

I know [Maliki] is prepared to take on the fact that there are murderers inside that society. What I’m looking for is somebody that says, a society in which murder and assassination takes place is not acceptable, regardless of who’s doing it. And I absolutely believe that the prime minister and Mr. Hakim are committed to ending murder. The hard work is to get it done, particularly when you have outside influences like al Qaeda stirring up sectarian violence, these suiciders are spectacular death.

Seems Like That Mustache Would Provide Him With The Boyancy Needed To Float In Shallow Waters

On issue after issue, Bolton delivered. And so you’re looking at a man who is deeply disappointed and I would call it shallow politics of the Senate in this case.

Our Chief Weapon Is Surprise

A government that can sustain, govern and defend itself and is — a free government that sustain, govern and defend itself and is an ally in the war on terror.

Rooting For The Home Team

And the — the — al Qaeda has made it clear that they want to team up with extremists inside of Iraq to drive us out of Iraq and the Middle East.

Don Rumsfeld Understood Mistakes

That’s one of those hypotheticals that just wasn’t it the cards because Don Rumsfeld and I had a very heart-to-heart. By the way, he was signaling throughout the fall that perhaps we needed a fresh approach. He’s just as impatient as I am about success in Iraq. One thing about Don Rumsfeld is he understood mistakes. He knows how important it is and he wants us to succeed in Iraq as bad as anybody in America.

No Question It’s Violence

For example, some would argue that the fact that 90 percent of the country — let me just say this — most of the country outside of the Baghdad area, is relatively peaceful, doesn’t indicate a civil war as far as they’re concerned. And by the way, I get briefings all the time about where the level of violence is and the American people I think would be interested to know, most of it occurs around the Baghdad area. And therefore they don’t get to see, kind of the normalcy of life outside of the Baghdad area. There’s all kinds of arguments, no question it’s dangerous, no question it’s violence, and no question we have to do something about the sectarian violence by helping the Iraqi government do something about it.

Too Drunk To Stand

I don’t think people are – at least the ones I run into, I had a bunch of our buddies from Texas up here this weekend and they’re kind of – they look at you and go, man, how come you’re still standing.

It’s Tough Times

And yeah it’s tough, but that’s OK. It’s tough times.

Murder Bad Redux

And it’s tough because there are a group of murderers out there that are — look, think about this, think about a world in which a young democracy is trying to get started and people kill innocent life to prevent it from happening.

His Own Special History

I’m also strengthened by history, by my view of history. I realize there’s a lot of folks who have written off presidencies early in the presidency or before the presidency is over. And when in fact the long reach of history happens and people take a look back, they realize that the decisions made ended up making sense.

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  1. He’s not going to make it to the end of his term. You can see the wheels and springs popping out of his mouth. Let’s fast forward another six months when the next laundry bill comes for cleaning up Iraq, and deaths are pushing 3500. Poor bastard is just holding on as it is. Its getting close to strait-jacket time.
    — Knut Wicksell

  2. Fear and surprise. Our two chief weapons are fear, surprise, and a fanatical devotion to the pope… Our THREE, three chief weapons are…

  3. I missed the interview. Did Britt pat him on the head and say, “There, there Mister President, things will turn around. Just know that all the people here at Fox support you.”?

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