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A coalition of scientists, environmentalists and politicians on Tuesday told the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to close — once and for all — a shipping channel that scientists say contributed to the devastating deluge of parts of eastern New Orleans, including the Lower 9th Ward, the home of Fats Domino.

The Corps is expected to release a report next Wednesday to outline what should be done with the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet, a channel built in the 1960s that has destroyed hundreds of square miles of wetlands. It was built as a shortcut to New Orleans and a way to kick start the development of reclaimed swampland east of New Orleans that wound up drowned by Hurricane Katrina.

The coalition also issued a report, which said in part, “The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, known locally as Mister Go, was a bad idea when constructed and has become a worse one every year.”

The document, unambiguously called “Mister Go Must Go,” was handed out to members of Congress, who will have a say on what direction the Corps takes.

It is indeed time for MRGO to go. Click Read More for the reasons.

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The channel’s problems are well-documented. It’s caused widespread environmental degradation as it eroded and ate the surrounding wetlands and funneled the Gulf of Mexico’s salt water inland, thereby killing stands of cypress forests.

In all, the channel is blamed for about 922 square miles of damage to the wetlands southeast of New Orleans, the report said.

But that’s not all it’s done. Scientists and residents say the channel acted as a conduit for Katrina’s storm surge, causing water to stack up and overwhelm levees ringing the low-lying neighborhoods that developed in the past century east of the French Quarter.

One thought on “MRGO Must GO

  1. Admittedly, the government isn’t liable to the same laws as us mere mortals. But I’ve been thinking about NOLA in terms of defective levees and product liability laws (If all the Mr Potatoheads in the world simultaneously failed and this inadvertendly damaged NOLA, what would happen in the courts?)
    But there’s also the evidence that not only did the product of the US Army Corps of Engineers fail, but that they built Mr. Go which actually was an active conduit to the damage.
    My question then becomes, if all the Mr. Potatoheads were shipped with a core of explosives set to go off at midnight, and this sabotaged the levees – what would be the responsibility of the manufacturing company be?
    I would think a couple of billion to rebuild the levees to cat 5 would be a rather cheap settlement.
    Please note: for some reason Mr. Potatohead just popped in my mind. I know of no connection between Mr. Potatohead and NOLA. In fact I love Mr. PH and had many happy hours with him as a child and heartily recommend him as a toy. Although is there an “E” at the end of Potato or not?

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