This gets UGLY

Today Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee had a press conference in regard to a mailer he sent out blasting Karen Carter who is running against Bill Jefferson in Louisiana-2 Congressional race.

Tim Tagaris at MyDD attended the press conference and has the VIDEO and story. All I can say is just go watch.

This whole thing involves the Gretna Bridge incident and comments Carter made about what happened in Spike Lee’s documentary.

NOLA blogger Adrastos sought and has now received a copy of Lee’s mailer which he is going to post has now posted HERE.

Sheriff Lee has been a contoversial figure to say the least. From WWL, November 21

GRETNA, La.– Sheriff Harry Lee said he’s ready to take “extreme” measures to curb Jefferson Parish’s highest homicide rate since at least 1980, including using video cameras — some in armored vehicles — to monitor streetcorner groups and the license plates of cars that travel through targeted areas.

Lee, who last month prompted outrage by suggesting his deputies could randomly question young black men gathered in high-crime areas, said he expects his latest plan to offend some people. But added, “I don’t give a damn.”

“We will go right up to the line,” Lee told a news conference.


7 thoughts on “This gets UGLY

  1. As everybody who has ever lived in NOLA knows, Harry Lee is a motherfucking racist asshole and always has been.
    Jefferson Parish is White Flight central.
    This doesn’t surprise me at all.
    Karen Carter spoke the truth in that documentary, and the truth fucking hurts.
    Those cops were racist pigs.
    Like everywhere else in the South, NOLA has its racist underbelly. Katrina simply exposed it to the world, made some people feel like they could flaunt it in the open.
    When we went back to assess the damage the first time, we heard from more than one neighbor about how “exciting” it was that the city could be “rebuilt” without all the “bad elements” that had been “shipped to houston”. There’s a reason the Ninth Ward still looks like the hurricane was yesterday.
    TJ, pissed off pinko commie

  2. Now TJ…Harry would “resent” that you’d “run her fat mouth”
    Man he is sometihng

  3. Man, I haven’t lived in Orleans/Jefferson since 1977 and NOTHING’S CHANGED!!!!
    Harry Lee has always been an asshole.

  4. .
    denying help to desperate people in need:
    how very unAmerican
    How very inhumane
    Harry Lee’s no doubt a good xian too.

  5. It must just burn Lee right the fuck up that he’s helping a black man get re-elected.

  6. He’s a piece of work, isn’t he? Nevertheless, he gets a lotta love from many of the citizens of Jefferson Parish. He’s been sheriff since forever.

  7. Stupid question – if he didn’t think it was a good idea to have folks walk that far, could he have provided them transportation through the area?

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