I Think She Just Blew A Seal… Or Maybe It Was A Sea Lion

Here’s your Thursday Morning Atlas’ Juggs rant. All emphasis in the original, as they say.

The Baker report is vile. It should be burned. Who died and made Baker king? Who is he to give away the Golan Heights.?It is Israeli property. Why would we even consider rewarding states that sponsor terror? States funding the insurgency and killing our boys in Iraq? States that vow to annihilate the Jews. Islamic fundamentalist states. What a pimp James “Fuck the Jews” Baker is. Does he really believe throwing the Jew down the well will spare him his head? Iran just threatened the West again here, convert or die.

He wants a regional conference without Israel? What are we talking about here? He is backing the Islamic Pali Arab Right to return? A ruse! Right of return will change Israel from a Jewish state to an Arab State.

And engaging the vile, evil Syria- murdering cabinet ministers of foreign governments with impunity?.We should kiss their sphincters?

Someone must tell Bush we elected him. If we are to respect the new change in leadership in the Congress than the same respect must be afforded Bush as he was elected twice. Elected on his platform, not a promise of leftist retreat and surrender to the jihad.

12 thoughts on “I Think She Just Blew A Seal… Or Maybe It Was A Sea Lion

  1. It’s like I always say:
    Goldschlager, cocaine and the internets just don’t mix.
    I don’t know how you can stand to visit her site, frankly. Yeesh…

  2. Sometimes I think we should really fuck them over by building “Disrael” in Florida, and then moving there.
    I like the Israelis I’ve met generally more than the Floridians. Your idea might raise the collective wit and charm of Florida, and lower the handgun population, significantly. I’m not seeing a downside here… 😉

  3. They think Israel is the key to the second coming of Christ. According to the nuttiest of the bunch, Israel has to be returned to its Biblical borders, then all of us Jews have to move there, a bunch of us (I think the precise number is 166,000) have to convert to Christianity, the rest of us who are too stupid to see the light will blow up in the “holocaust to end all holocausts”, while all the Good People will experience the rapture.
    Whee, indeed.
    Sometimes I think we should really fuck them over by building “Disrael” in Florida, and then moving there.

  4. Whee! After reading this and hearing some of the choice comments from the Red State blog on NPR last night I have to say I was very surprised at the wingnuts’ protective stance toward Israel. I really had no clue the rank-and-file wingnut loved Zion so much.

  5. Once again a neocon makes this whole thing about Israel. I’m Jewish, I like the idea of an ancestral homeland where I am welcome simply because I’m Jewish, but if we get into this Biblical nonsense, none of the problems in the middle east will ever get solved.
    It’s time for everybody, meaning Arabs, Christians and Jews, to get past this entitlement crap. The only way to do that is to talk. But first, let’s try to get the Iraq messed cleaned up as quickly as possible.
    And Atlas, if you are reading this, Bush was handed the White House by the SCOTUS in 2000. He didn’t earn it. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t earned one fucking thing in his entire life.

  6. um, georgie was annointed by the SCOTUS and it was stolen again in 04′, and even IF he ‘won’, it was a slimmmmmmm win thanks to nader. and did 75% vote?
    well, we can enjoy the bushies squirming for the rest of his term and the rest of his pitiful life.

  7. Wow, so this woman is a crazy person of some sort then. The Golan Heights no more “belong” to Israel than Irag “Belongs” To the US. Nobody recognized territorial aquisitions following a war any longer. Also, a state can not dedicate itself to remaining ethnically pure and remain a real democracy. That just makes them a “Democracy”. Like Lebannon is a “Democracy” and China is a “Democracy”. It really just becomes a cynical name designed to make onself sound better.
    Kiss their Sphincters? Fuck no. I don’t do Rimming, no matter how pretty a girl is. And This woman is old enough to be my mother. Also, Bush was elected initially on a platform based on education. I don’t remember the debate where Al Gore yelled “We must retreat and surrender to this Islamist Jihad!!!!” And then George bush pulled down his pants and asked Gore ot “Kiss my Sphincter”. But I was stil la teenager then, so maybe I only got to see an edited version or something.

  8. Wow- so we have to convert to Islam or die? This woman belongs in a mental institution.
    But at least she spells ‘sphincter’ correctly. So she’s got THAT going for her.

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