Your President Speaks!

Ah, today’s presser.

Bush Speaking Intelligently – Something The American People Don’t Think Is Possible To Happen

First, [the ISG report] shows that Republicans and Democrats can work together to achieve — to come up with a strategy to achieve an objective, something the American people don’t think is possible to happen.

Do Hard Work

And as the Prime Minister talked about, there’s three aspects to the report. One is, how do we empower the Maliki government so that the Maliki government — the elected government of the Iraqis — can help with the economy, can help secure peace, can do hard work necessary to achieve stability and to achieve the objective?

Freudian Slip

Thirdly, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is important to have — is important to be solved.

The Prisoner of Zenda?

And there are two notable obstacles. One, one is the prisoner; and secondly, is for there to be a unity government that recognizes the principles of the Quartet, with which Israel can negotiate.

It Done Good Ideas

And what the Baker-Hamilton study has done is it shows good ideas as to how to go forward. What our Pentagon is doing is figuring out ways to go forward, all aiming to achieve our objective.

I See Stupid People!

Make no mistake about it, I understand how tough it is, sir. I talk to families who die.

Pre-Emptive War On Christmas

I understand what long deployments mean to wives and husbands, and mothers and fathers, particularly as we come into a holiday season.

All About The Oil (And The Nukes)

And when you throw into the mix radical Shia and radical Sunni trying to gain power and topple moderate governments, with energy which they could use to blackmail Great Britain or America, or anybody else who doesn’t kowtow to them, and a nuclear weapon in the hands of a government that is — would be using that nuclear weapon to blackmail to achieve political objectives — historians will look back and say, how come Bush and Blair couldn’t see the threat?

What Happens If There Is Safe Havens?

And one of the things that has changed for American foreign policy is a threat overseas can now come home to hurt us, and September the 11th should be a wake-up call for the American people to understand what happens if there is violence and safe havens in a part of the world.

Steve Got A Lotta Questions

How many questions do you got, Steve?

A Lotta What We Are Doing

You mean, when — when do I hope to announce the strategy, is that what you’re talking about? After I get the reports. And Baker-Hamilton is a really important part of our considerations. But we want to make sure the military gets their point of view in. After all, a lot of what we’re doing is a military operation.

Don’t Got The Exact Words

And as the report said — I don’t — got the exact words, but it was along the lines of depending upon conditions, I believe is what the qualifier was.

It’s Real

And the objective, I repeat, is a government which can sustain, govern, and defend itself — free government of Iraq that can do that — and will be an ally in this movement — against this movement that is threatening peace and stability. And it’s real.


What’s important is for people to accept the goal of two states living side-by-side for peace. And what has changed in the Middle East is that Israel and Palestine — at least the current leadership of both countries, or both — one entity and one country — accept that goal.

Why Do The People Of The Middle East Hate The People Of The Middle East?

And one of the great ironies is that people in the Middle East are working hard to prevent people in the Middle East from realizing the blessings of a free society in their democracy.

Succeeding Quicker Is Hard Work

I thought we would succeed quicker than we did.

14 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Well Bush gets nervous when he goes on stage. It’s hard knowing that 2/3 of the country hates you because you’re such a fuckup and the other third supports you even though they know you’re such a fuckup. He also has trouble now remembering and sticking to the canned points, which was his one true skill in the past.

  2. How is a puppet state in Iraq that supports our oil companies raping them for their oil supposed to be free and democratic, anyway?
    See, that’s the part of Bush’s plan I don’t understand…

  3. That’s also why you have to sign a loyalty oath and pass a background check to be in the audience.

  4. And there are two notable obstacles. One, one is the prisoner
    What on earth was he trying to say here? Who is he keeping prisoner? What does he have on Prince George?
    —Aaaargh, Confused

  5. Bush says that the US joined a fight that Britain had already been fighting for two years.
    What is he talking about?

  6. Maybe someone should track Dippy the Wonder-Chimp’s speechs to see if they are getting more fragmented as time goes on. I have been wondering when his public break-down is going to happen.

  7. I love President Bush’s diplomatin’ style.
    He’ll meet with anyone as long as they cede every point of contention in advance of the meeting.

  8. Freudian Slip Thirdly, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is important to have — is important to be solved.
    nice catch.

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