Your President Speaks!

From deep within the bowels of Foggy Bottom:

The Way Forward Must Be The Way Forward!

There’s no question we’ve got to make sure that the State Department and the Defense Department are — the efforts and their recommendations are closely coordinated so that when I do speak to the American people, they will know that I’ve listened to all aspects of government, and that the way forward is the way forward to achieve our objective: to succeed in Iraq.

They Must Not Achieve the Assets!

And the reason why that’s vital is because Iraq is a central component of defeating the extremists who want to establish safe haven in the Middle East, extremists who would use their safe haven from which to attack the United States, extremists and radicals who have stated that they want to topple moderate governments in order to be able to achieve assets necessary to effect their dream of spreading their totalitarian ideology as far and wide as possible.

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