Happy Democrat Photo: Waxman Edition

With the CHAIR:

The Democrat slated to be the U.S. House’s lead watchdog next year demanded answers Thursday about why Blackwater USA was paid so much for security work in Iraq — and why, in fact, the North Carolina company was paid at all.

Taxpayers paid exorbitant prices for Blackwater’s services, U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman wrote in a letter to outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Waxman said it wasn’t clear precisely how much taxpayers overpaid because the Army hasn’t provided answers to questions first raised two years ago.

The California congressman said that Blackwater’s services were not just pricey, but prohibited, because the Army never authorized Blackwater or any other Halliburton subcontractors to guard convoys or carry weapons. Houston-based Halliburton has been paid at least $16 billion to provide food, lodging and other support for troops in Iraq, and $2.4 billion to work on Iraqi oil infrastructure.


7 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Waxman Edition

  1. I thought that it was “hit them with the chair”
    preznit giv me turkee

  2. You know, I’ve loved Waxman for years because he NEVER forgot that oversight was the responsiblity of the Congress, and he’s always tried to do it. I’m in the minority? Who cares, I’ll ask my questions, and I’ll keep asking my questions, and I’ll ask them again, and you will ignore me at your own peril because lookie here! Subpoena power!
    He’s not just slated to be Dem’s chief watchdog, he has been ours, toiling in the wilderness for years. He’s wielded that chair for years, it’s just gotten bigger and heavier for him.

  3. It’s a real shame Eliot Spitzer will be busy running NY. He is needed in DC.

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