4 thoughts on “Picture help

  1. CNN, You’re Breaking Our Hearts!
    Join the boycott of Warner’s new Valentine’s Day film:
    “Music and Lyrics”
    To send a strong message to CNN/Time-Warner that if they want to betray America by making ‘mistakes’ falsely-comparing black Senators with major terrorist enemies, there is a PRICE to pay.
    Boycott “Music and Lyrics” this Valentine’s Day.
    Tell your friends.
    — Paul in LA

  2. Yet another rising star that associated with Bush, now going down in flames as patsy for Shrub’s actions.
    “Not ME!” Shrub – the one who has promised to restore dignity and accountability to the White House.

  3. shouldn’t it be Bus / Casey (bus over Casey) (or rather, Casey under bus)
    true though.

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