Scene From A Demotion

John Negroponte just got kicked down to a measly Undersecretary of State today, a move so stunning that the White House felt they had to issue a seperate “fact sheet” to explain it all (and if you read either the fact sheet or Chimpy’s announcement you’ll notice that on paper at least Negroponte is more qualified than his new boss, Condi Rice).

Sucks to be you, Negroponte.

REUTERS/Jim Young.

8 thoughts on “Scene From A Demotion

  1. they would have to kill cheeney. no way they are getting him out alive. and it’s easier for naziponte to be the stealth SOS. making condi just the spokes model of state and shoes.

  2. So who is the better insurance agaist impeachment, Condi or Cheney? I notice that Cheney is excellent at that, and the co-payment is doable. Condi would possibly be unbeatable, but what’s the co-payment? (Now you understand how Bush’s “mind” functions.)

  3. maybe hes putting naziponte in place b/c he’s gonna make Condi VP after Darth Cheney “resigns” for “health” reasons and because he wants to “spend more time: with that witch Lynne

  4. Who ever could have anticipated that they would fly a Negroponte into the State Department?

  5. “Negroponte is more qualified than his new boss, Condi Rice”
    Especially when it come to managing death squads and killing nuns!

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