shorter Townhall: New Orleanians too stoned to evacuate

OK this is definitely a new one on me. Whilst pining for Jeebus, Townhall columnist Mike S. Adams picks apart Ben Harper’s Katrina themed “Black Rain” to root out “racism” but in the process unearths giant chunks of his own stoopidity such as this…

In fact, I was glad Harper brought up the issue of drugs.I suspected that the failure of so many people to take heed of the oft-repeated hurricane warnings had something to do with the proliferation of mind altering drugs in the Big Easy.

Ay Yi Yi…one mention of dope and Adam’s finds an opening…to idiotland of course

For Adam’s effort I present him with a What Would Jesus Smoke Magnet

Oh and Jeebus would be really bummed out by many of the comments to Adam’s column. These so-called Christians are just nasty cusses.

14 thoughts on “shorter Townhall: New Orleanians too stoned to evacuate

  1. Yeah, all those NOLA black people too doped up to heed the warnings. It’s as if he’s talking about another species, about those he sees as very much “other”, not quite like him and rest of his coterie, not quite human.
    Sure, blame the tragedy on a bunch of doped-up folks who were too out of it to care for themselves, and then no one in the powers-that-be class has to take responsibility for their many, many failures. I tell ya, people, this kind of attitude chaps my hide majorly.

  2. You’re gonna have to help me out here Scout. He posts the lyrics:
    Selling false hope like some new dope
    We’re addicted to
    I can’t seem to make the jump that the lyrics are talking about drugs. Admitttedly, I hated diagraming sentences and all that grammar stuff, but it seems to me that the object of the verb is “false hope” and that the “dope” is a simile. That is that the lyrics are nothing about drug addiction but rather about the “False Hope” (something about being told help is on the way, etc. etc.).
    Is this like the time John Denver was censored for proclaiming a “Rocky Mountain High”????

  3. Yeah I know MapleStreet. All Adams needed was the D word to appear somewhere so he could get pull that offensive line of thought out of his ass.

  4. holy shit, i just read the full article and not even through half of those comments and my head hurts. do they fucking hear themselves? holy god.

  5. Hey, don’t blame Mike Adams for being stupid. It’s really the fault of wingnut welfare. What do you expect the guy to say after sucking at the Townhall tit for a few years? It’s bad enough on our brains, imagine if Townhall was your career.

  6. Yep, and all those doped-up New Yorkers (where you can find drugs any time of the day or night) who were too stoned to see that big ol’ jet airliner heading for their building…

  7. Ah, I only read through the first 20 or so comments before the racism made my head asplode. I stopped after this one:
    “Sadly great number of Christians have bought this “socialistic” Democratic philosophy of feed the poor, give handouts, and such.”
    ’cause, you know, Jesus HATED the poor.

  8. This was my response to that shit for brains:
    It’s obvious you don’t have a clue
    After reading this article choking disgust, I realized that you must not have any idea what it’s like being in New Orleans during hurricane season. You also have no frame of reference what it’s like to be abandoned by everything around you because of an act of nature. I was in New Orleans, sir, and I can tell you that Mr. Harper’s song is not only true but justified, and get this I’m not black at all.
    One thing that always amazes me is when critics who know nothing of an experience have the audacity to make commentary on an artist’s depiction. It’s a song. The intent is to show how wrong the situation was and how true the punishment for those that sat in your position mocking those in peril claiming “they should’ve left” or “they must be on something to have stayed”. The real questions aren’t the ones you posed Mr. Adams, they are this:
    1. Do YOU understand that there are still race issues in the United States? Or do you want to claim race played no part in Katrina? You cannot have both.
    2. Do you UNDERSTAND that Jesus told you not to judge? Or do you find your petty judgements justified? You cannot have both.
    3. Do YOU want to spread the Gospel of Jesus? Or continue to preach hate for those that deserve the simple release of a well written song?
    You are a fool. That’s not a judgement, it’s an observation. I’d like to see you standing under the Metairie overpass with thousands of displaced individuals and yes, most of them black. As you starve in the hot sun and wait for the government to at least pretend they have control of the situation. And then I’d like to see your mind altered, not by dope, but by the truth that the situation really was that bad. And Mr. Harper’s words, while harsh and threatening, deserve to be heard by all Americans.

  9. That’s because jesus was the greatest american that ever lived.
    Btw, he didn’t hate poor white people, just so you know.

  10. Please, God, tell me that nobody takes Mikey Adams seriously anymore. Mr. “I should be a full professor, even though my ‘research’ is lame at best, and I think ‘service’ means contributing to Focus on the Family” is simply a whiner who needs attention, and can only get it via clownhall and other goober sites.

  11. Saying they were stoned is just stupid.
    All those people didn’t get left in the superdome because they were stoned, they got left there because they were too well trained at being government slaves.
    Its no accident that the only people who didn’t even attempt o get out on thier own were the same people who live off welfare, foodstamps, government cheese. Years of having all of thier needs provided by the federal,state, and local government simply left them incapable of taking any type of responsibillity for thier own well being. Priort to hurricane Andrew devestation of south florida, depite having just as little advanced warning it would hit, and further to travel to get out of the danger area, The south florida area was nearly completly evacuated of even its poorest citizens. They left by car, bus, train, hook and crook, because they knew if they stayed it was thier own damn problem since the state government had announced that anyone refusing to evacuate was on thier own. This despite the fact that it had been over 40 years since the last one hit. The idiots in the Superdome expected someone else to take care of them, and when noone did, they were to lazy or intellectually poisoned to do it for themselves.
    As for racism, if you ever want to see truly vicuous, ignorant, self defeating, and ubiquitous racism all you have to do is go to any majority black area. The simple fact is Blacks are about the only racial group left in America in which the majority of its members are racists.

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