Koufax Noms Open

Go and nominate First Draft. For best group blog, best series, Best Consonant Level Blog, best desperate plea for attention and love, whatever you think we deserve.

Particularly worthy of nomination, I think, are Scout’s Katrina posts, which along with the NOLA blogs have spurred the progressive blogosphere to continue paying attention to a story that could have disappeared into the memory hole.

Here’s a link to all the Katrina posts ever.

Here are some of the especially standout ones:

Send your beads to Bush…Fund New Orleans Levees


Just who the hell is responsible to pick up dead bodies …Try no one.

A Tale of 2 Blocks

The Unbreakable Spirit of New Orleans

The Great Deluge—-Tom and Jen’s Story–Parts 1-4

Cleaning Up for Congress–6 months Later

A Whacky idea for Jonah

Lower 9th ward 1 yr later

St Bernard Parish–One Year Later

It’s a hell of a lot of concerted work that deserves recognition.

As does Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle. Holden was gaggling before it was cool.

Go forth and nominate! And commenters, don’t forget to nominate yourselves. I think we’ve got some people here who knock the ever-loving socks off anybody else’s chatterers.

Update: The lovely Scout points out that we should make note of the new Koufax rules: You must include a link to the nominated post or the nomination will not be considered, and people who won last year will not be eligible to win this year in the same category.


4 thoughts on “Koufax Noms Open

  1. No I will totally KICK Both of your asses with not be nominated. Some of us don’t even have a fraking blog TO nominate. (I keed, I keed. I keed because I love.)
    Just wait till Kenosia Kid gets here, He willl HAVE to One up us all with his lack of worthiness in front of the mighty athenea, Scout and Holden.

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