Happy Democrat Photo: Lynn Woolsey

I have to admit, it’s getting harder to pick just one of these every once in a while since so many of our newly in charge Dems are kicking so much ass every single day. I mean, Bill Richardson in Sudan, Ted Kennedy on the Hill, Jim Webb getting vets’ benefits for them … it’s awesome news, all the time, and I’m overwhelmed by the avalanche of win.

Still, let’s give it up for Lynn Woolsey, how about?

Our plan will also…

1. Withdraw all U.S. troops and military contractors from Iraq within six months from date of enactment.

2. Prohibit any further funding to deploy, or continue to deploy U.S. troops in Iraq. The bill does, however, allow for funding to be used, as needed, to ensure a safe withdrawal of all US military personnel and contractors, diplomatic consultations. Funding may also be used for the increased training and equipping of Iraqi and international security forces.

3. Accelerate, during the six month transition, training of a permanent Iraqi security force.

4. Authorize, if requested by the Iraqi government, U.S. support for an international stabilization force. Such a force would be funded for no longer than two years, and be combined with economic and humanitarian assistance.

5. Guarantee full health care funding, including mental health, for U.S. veterans of military operations in Iraq and other conflicts.


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