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  1. Bill Richardson will be the next President of the United States of America!
    This year America will exceed the $1 trillion mark in the war in Iraq. American taxpayers will see their tax dollars wasted on a government they believe to be ungrateful and corrupt. They know they have already violated the great generations primary oath to “Leave no debt” to future generations.
    Like it or not, American voters believe anyone in Congress, Democrat or Republican, has failed them by not getting us out of Iraq to stop the bleeding of our troops and our tax dollars.
    The American people believe governors get things done while members of Congress talk about getting things done but never actually do much.

  2. On the other hand, there’s Steve Clemons over at The Washington Note:
    I will frame this as a “question” for Bill Richardson.
    Have you behaved inappropriately or not in public settings with female members of your government administration, jokingly or not? Have you gestured to female public servants and political appointees — who work as colleagues with you — and made lewd gestures, specifically pointing to them and then pointing at your crotch with a room full of media and other politicos there in the room?
    I ask this not to demean or undermine Richardson.
    I ask it because I was not in the room when this particular incident occurred but many others were — and rumors have long swept around Santa Fe that Bill Richardson makes a constant festive joke out of demeaning women. These incidents don’t have to do with the comments by Lt. Governor Diane Denish that Richardson is a “touchy” and “feely” Governor. They have to do with questions about a far more crude kind of gesture that demeans professional women.
    Sort of weird.

  3. Clemons was framing that in the classic daily show routine format: If you put a question mark a the end of the statement you can say anything.
    He admits he has no idea if any of it is true, but says it anyway, repeatedly.
    If Richardson has a problem, then he has a problem. I agree that we need a gov, not a senator.
    HRC to Steve:
    Check’s in the mail!

  4. america doesn’t do chubby.
    period. and i would rather a clinton who liked sex better than what is said above.
    richardson may be too smart for his own good.

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