This is a GREAT Video!

 The best internet Katrina video I have seen.

I found it at Revver where “creativity pays”–The more people see a person’s video, the more money they can make.

So click and share because this deserves some Ka-Ching.

It is titled…”Help is Coming” by Ben Mor


That wonderful funk version of This Land is Your Land at the end of the video is from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings


6 thoughts on “WOW!

  1. That was eerie. Should have had a Blanco mask to represent the three levels of government that failed New Orleans.

  2. I saw those creepy Bush masks in a rap video about the New Orleans flooding post-Katrina. You can see for yourself at the 1:55 mark of this remix of Kanye West’s Golddigger by The Legendary KO (video by Black Lantern) (warning: coarse language):

    Wasn’t there some kind of news story at some point with a Cheney mask, too? Did that Doctor who told Cheney to go f#$k himself have a Cheney mask on? Or am I misremembering?

  3. Wow, that’s spooky as hell. The masks are absolutely inspired.
    If I had a criticism, I’d say the credits should’ve run shorter, with a soundtrack more similar to the rest of the film. But that’s a minor, minor criticism.

  4. Grandmere… yes it is Bergamesque isn’t it. I thought it was great
    I think this new Revver site is going to bring internet video to a new level.

  5. Scout, this is the best. It’s sorta Ingmar Bergmanish. I love the version of “This Land is Your Land.”

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