A Small Crime: Galactica Thread

Oh, how I’ve missed my kickass space crush.

Spoilers abound below. Haven’t seen the ep, scroll as fast as you can past this post.


She’s a commissioned officer and a beloved pilot. Everybody that you wanted to love you, everybody that turned on you when you were so confused you couldn’t even begin to figure out your broken life, all those people now love her instead. The acceptance you were denied, she glories in. Her life isn’t broken, it’s gloriously fixed. That impossible balance you could never walk, between human and Cylon, she’s walking it with strength and beauty. She’s denying you free movement in the halls that you used to call home. She’s standing on the ground where you died and looking at you with pity and love; nobody wants the embarrassment of absolution.

All that being said, the moment Sharon stepped away from Caprica once they were back on Galactica?Cold. And awesome. I love the look they gave each other, this very deliberate, “You knew how it was gonna go down, so don’t even start” exchange. Occasionally I feel sorry for Caprica. Only very occasionally, because, bitch crazy, but still. Helo shooting Sharon was heartbreaking. He had to know she was coming back, but there’s knowing and knowing. I used to think Helo was as dumb as a bag of hammers. My respect for him continues to grow.

Speaking of sympathy, I’m about to go on at length about how little I have for Dualla and it’s got nothing to do with approving of what Lee’s doing. Lee’s being an asshole. This whole “he’s too honorable to cheat on you” thing is something Lee has cooked up in his own head and impressed upon everybody else, like being married to Dualla is an act of charity, like he’s doing her a favor by doing everything but sticking his dick into Starbuck. Um, no. The honorable idea of himself is how he gets through the day thinking he’s a good guy, and it’s how Starbuck makes excuses for him and how she gives herself an out, and it’s got nothing to do with what’s actually going on.

No, the reason I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for Dualla as she’s being written is that you just can’t tell me she didn’t know Lee and Kara had this psycho-sexual-adolescent-death-junkie fascination with each other and sooner or later it was going to burn everybody around them up in its little self-centered conflagration of hot sex and misery. Lee and Kara are not subtle.

Like Sam, you know? Sam, much like Tigh, knows his wife sleeps around and knows he loves her anyway and is trying to negotiate that in his head. I wonder how much of Starbuck’s marriage to Sam is about Tigh. Maybe I’m the only one who sees something fucked-up and intense between Tigh and Starbuck. The flying and the drinking and the gambling. Granted Starbuck isn’t quite as bugfuck as Ellen was, but she’s got a few more years to go all the way crazy.

My own view of Dualla before “Unfinished Business” was that she knew about Lee and Kara’s whacked-out only-half-about-sex thing with each other, loved him anyway, and was prepared for whatever was going to happen. Instead, she’s this girl who lied to herself and hoped. I’m not saying she should have planned for her husband being a dick, because that’s his responsibility, not hers … I’m saying she’s a smart girl, I don’t like seeing love make her stupid. I don’t know. Lee’s not my type. I can’t comprehend making that kind of leap of self-delusion for him. Now, Adama? There’s a man I would lie to the mirror for.

Speaking of which, not enough Adama. I hope we get to see Cottle with the kid next week. Did Cally lose a bunch of weight or was she always that tiny? And I think we were supposed to infer from D’Anna’s conversation with one of the Five that she’d met him/her before, so who do y’all think it was?


11 thoughts on “A Small Crime: Galactica Thread

  1. Damn this Sunday night time change thing is going to take some getting used to because the Galactica/L Word sandwich is a weird combination and I know I could watch them both some other night but I don’t want to wait.
    Helo. Damn. Just damn. I’m still not sure he’s not dumb as a box of rocks but it doesn’t matter about his head- it’s all about his heart. How gratifying was it when he got up in Roslin’s grill and said what every single viewer was thinking? and much like Tigh and Ellen’s final scene, I was so caught up in the emotion that the climax just slammed me. At first I thought that he was resisting going with Sharon to the basestar, that he didn’t want to go awol but then it started sneaking up on me what was going to happen.
    okay this may be the minority opionion but I really am left pretty “meh” by the whole Starbuck/Lee/dualla/sam thing. It just does not move me. It seems to me that Starbuck ceases to be Starbuck when she’s in Lee’s orbit. Maybe that’s the point. He’s always been about as charismatic as melba toast as far as I’m concerned. He’s had some good moments but I have a total Riley Finn reaction to him. Just my opinion. And I realize there’s more to it than the sex/romance between the two of them. I get that but I still feel like things just go off the tracks when they are together. So there’s that. I like Sam and Dualla a lot and I pretty much agree w/you about their respective issues. However, I just don’t care at all about what happens between the four of them, and I thought situation that threw the competitors together tonight -sam/lee and dualla/kara was just way too pat and not a little forced. work it out folks, feel your pain, get us to the next scene, pls.
    The D’Anna/Baltar in the Temple of Doom show was great and continued to make me snicker. D’Anna’s little “I’m very special, aren’t I?” half grin just cracks me up. Even though she’s right about her destiny, she’s just so full of it. She’s been such a great match for Baltar in the scenery chewing department and they’ve really rocked their little arc. All that said, I though the scene where she gets boxed was gut-wrenching.
    And yes I think she knows whoever it was she saw.
    I’m intrigued about the new balls in the air- Sharon/Helo/Hera family time, Caprica in the house, Starbuck as prophet/cylon/whatever.
    and of course, Welcome Home, Mr. President. This will be fun.

  2. Preview is my friend…
    “and much like Tigh and Ellen’s final scene, I was so caught up in the emotion that the climax just slammed me. ”
    I was referring to the Helo/Sharon scene above.

  3. Tigh and Starbuck. I don’t see that at all as some kind of weird sexual thing. I think Starbuck is the son Tigh never had. She’s a drinker and a gambler and a warrior. She’s everything he used to be — or maybe everything he always wanted to be and wasn’t.
    Dualla grates on my nerves because martyrs always do. Especially when they know they’re being martyrs and won’t do a damn thing about it. Lee is never gonna love you the way you want him to — get a divorce. Although that scene in the hanger deck where you thought Lee was just gonna walk on by Dualla and then he grabs her and hangs on was some good scriptwriting.
    Deanna and her visions. She apologized to the cylon in the temple. So who has she grievously offended? That would be the Final Fiver…but I can’t think of any particular character. She tortured Baltar but I don’t think it’s him. Was she particularly nasty to anyone on New Caprica?
    Helo shooting Sharon. About 30 seconds before he did it, I knew what she was asking him to do and I just couldn’t imagine him doing it. But he did. And then lays into Laura…and she frakkin’ deserved it. Trying to blame him for putting them all at risk. Bitch. Didn’t like you much tonite Madam President.
    And I hope this thing doesn’t get too woo woo mystical with visions and gods and shit. That’d be almost as disappointing as what they did to Starbuck last season.
    And have we seen the last of Deanna?

  4. There is one thing I will say in Dualla’s defense (’cause I still love her, damn it): She had over a year with Lee that we never saw. It’s easy to forget that.
    I also have a theory about her. I don’t think she’s with Lee for Lee. I think she’s with Lee because he’s an Adama. And I think her anger at Starbuck has less to do with the Lee/Starbuck dynamic than that Starbuck left the ship during the whole New Caprica thing. She abandoned the Old Man, and that’s not something Dee could take lightly.

  5. Excellent point about Dualla, Buggy Q. Didn’t Dualla’s “pep talk” to Lee early this season have something to do with his being an Adama?

  6. oh, frak, oh, frak, oh, frak —
    That chamalla-licking freak on New Caprica? The one who spoke to both pantheons? She’s one of the Five.
    And as for Dualla, as always, whatever pain she feels, she earned. Two words:

  7. OK, so I’m a BSG weenie and I’m watching the show again.
    It suddenly occurs to me — why the hell did Sharon force Helo to kill her? She has a sidearm, she has a mouth…she could damn well have downloaded herself into the cylon ship. Saving Helo from the agony of wondering if he’d really killed his wife, and saving him from being blamed for putting the whole fleet at risk.
    I *hate* ugly plot holes.

  8. Is it a plot hole, flory? If so, then why has D’Anna been getting toasters to execute her instead of doing the the job herself?
    Maybe Cylons can’t commit direct suicide? I don’t remember anything about that, however.

  9. Hmm, I think you’re right, Virgotex. After all, remember when Boomer tried to commit suicide, and just shot out her cheek? I remember thinking at the time, “Lord, girl, get some marksmanship!” (Actually, that’s not true–I was thinking, “Ohfrakohfrakohfrak!” or something even less coherent. This show rocks me every time.)

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