Today On Holden’s Obsession With [A Week Old] Gaggle

Hey, it’s not my fault. The White House web site has had a link to the February 5 gaggle up on their Press Breifings page since the day that gaggle took place, but the link was broken until today.

Still, I wanted to obsess on it just for this exchange between an unknown gaggler and former Ric Santrum communications director/current White House third-stringer Tony Fratto.

Q Why does he need another chance after four years of terrible war and so much killing?


Q The President.

MR. FRATTO: Another chance —

Q After four years of this violence and terrible war.

MR. FRATTO: It’s been only about a year that we’ve had an elected government in Iraq. And we think, number one, they deserve a chance to have a country that can defend itself from terrorism and be an ally for us in the global war on terror.

Q After we destroyed it?

MR. FRATTO: After we’ve liberated it from Saddam Hussein’s tyranny, yes.

One man’s destruction is anotehr man’s liberation, I suppose.

One thought on “Today On Holden’s Obsession With [A Week Old] Gaggle

  1. Holden, this one was priceless – thanks. 🙂
    More of this from the WH press please!

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