Our Shame

Via Suspect Device. The popular British show Top Gun Gear drove through New Orleans and had this reaction…

A year had passed since Katrina had blown through and we sort of assumed that after 12 months the wealthiest nation on Earth would have fixed it but we were wrong.

How can the rest of America sleep at night knowing that this is here?

11 thoughts on “Our Shame

  1. It’s “Top Gear,” not gun. And its a little better this year, though still cause for deep shame.

  2. America can sleep because it’s not in front of America’s face every day and night.
    we can – understandably- lament the gnat-like attention span of americans but there it is- it’s a fact.
    The filter between Nola and the average american is huge and wide. I wish they wanted to care more about it but they don’t, something has to take their faces and make them watch.
    That’s the reality. Now, on top of that, take the craven and venal actions of this administration, which is taking advantage of that, depending on that, and exploiting that.
    just wanting people to get it because it’s the right thing to do is not going to work, I don’t think.
    Which is awful.

  3. I’ve been using “the google” to search for more footage and or commentary about this particular episode. Looks like a download is available, but it’s almost 500mb.
    The comments I’ve seen are mostly seeing a mix/match of the reality-based versus wingnuttia. Geez: I wonder if the same level of hate/vitriol will waft forth when the next big disaster hits.

  4. Ashley…now I’ll be wondering what the snark was…it wouldn’t involve a number of “f’s” would it?

  5. Scout, thanks for posting this. I totally missed it from Suspect Device. Mea culpa… Mardi Gras and my fellow citizens here have eaten up my attention.
    So what will I give up for Lent? Freakin’ tolerance towards those who don’t care about the people of the Gulf Coast, damn “polyticians” that squander the wealth and good will of the people of this nation, and the nay-sayers for the rebuilding of New Orleans.

  6. I can’t say anything because it’s beating a dead horse.
    They’ve written us off in DC. Totally, utterly, and completely. Abandonment of an American city: see it here.

  7. Abandonment of THE American city. The more I think about it, the more I realize that New Orleans captures America, even in it’s unique position as the northernmost point of Carribean culture.

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