Bu-bu-but, Dick Cheney Has A Friend!

What’s up in Basra?

An AFP reporter who visited British forces in Basra and at the airbase last month found both under almost daily mortar attack from militias in the city.

Dick Cheney’s friend says it’s all flowers and candy.

But in fact, I talked to a friend just the other day, a guy who knows the region very well, has spent a lot of years in that part of the world who had driven from Baghdad down to Basra in seven hours, found the situation dramatically improved compared to where it was a year or so ago, sort of validated the British view that they have made progress in southern Iraq, and that they can therefore afford to reduce their force posture.

3 thoughts on “Bu-bu-but, Dick Cheney Has A Friend!

  1. Dumb question / musing:
    Daily mortar attacks are security that let the British pull out.
    Basra is almost totally Shiite.
    Sunni minority is stated in article to be small and not a threat.
    Iraq govt is Shiite.
    So wouldn’t it be that the folks lobbing the mortars are either Sunni or a Shiite group that doesn’t want the Iraq govt????
    Either way, how can this bode well?

  2. 2:30 Central – RE how well things are going. US General is quoted about the rape mentioned in an earlier post:
    Caldwell sought to distance the security effort from the allegation, saying: “This is something for the government of Iraq to investigate. It does not imply anything about the multinational force.”
    OK – as you were working arm and arm and apparently she saw some US folks, who does it say something about big boy?

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