What is with this Guy?


OK I confess. Yesterday I needed a break from blogging. My intention was to watch a movie but nothing was on and so I landed at MSNBC…and yes I watched some of the Anna Nicole hearing. Ahh I’ve never seen anything like it. What a hoot of a trainwreck. It’s a judicial zoo. So please be honest…has anyone else watched any of this and what’s your take on this guy?

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  1. Scout, darlin’, you need a DVD player. Stat. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Watching that trial is likely to induce Television Spongiform Encephalopathy.
    That said, if I weren’t at work, I’d probably be watching it, too, just to take my mind off the fact that the Libby jury hasn’t come in yet.

  2. I confess to falling into the same quagmire. My take on this guy is he’s either on, or needs to be on, some drugs other than the ones he seems to currently be taking. He talks over the attorneys and the witnesses, doesn’t listen to answers, and proclaims “asked and answered” when not so, i.e., when Mrs. Arthur (ANS’s mother) was asked “do you anticipate receiving compensation for tapes, or photos, (etc)…” she was silent a loooong time. When the question was asked again, the judge said “asked and answered”, when nothing could have been further from the truth. Just one instance among many. Not to mention, he is the king of ramble. Hmmmm… say scout, Krewe of Ramble? Judge Seidlin, King?

  3. Scout, you’re being downright irresponsible watching this! I mean, really, did you even take time to notice that Britney went back into rehab for the third time?
    I thought not…
    Teddy’s excesses are making more and more sense.

  4. not that i could care any less, but i heard brittney walked out of rehab again.
    its ok scout. we still love you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yes. It’s addictive trash-tv. And as much as I hate to admit it, around these parts ANS’ mother is a gin-yoo-wine archetype. The boy-toy-with-the-face-of-a-Persian-cat came off rather better than expected. The Other Howard Stern did not. Partly the judge’s fault–he definitely already has a dog in this hunt.
    While we’re playing True Confessions(tm), I admit to having watched multiple episodes of The Anna Nicole Show. Does this mean I have to go to rehab with Britney?

  6. Keith Olbermann has featured clips of this presiding clown for two days straight. He’s using the trial as his audition tape for the Judge Larry TV Show. Look for it on FOX-TV soon.

  7. piegirrrl…since you’ve admitted it I don’t think a few hours of rehab is necessary ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’m sure a fact that hasn’t yet been in the mind of anyone associated with that hearing is that there is about $400 million involved. Intoxicants like that do tend to affect people’s behavior. The judge (heah come de judge!) is probably so preoccupied with calculating his share that he has a hard time hearing what any witness says.

  9. Yes Scout, you are gonna regret this post !!!!
    What I can’t understand, is all the folks claiming to be the father in a lunge for the almost 1/2 billion. Ever hear of a paternity test? When it comes back will you look like a bozo?

  10. I’ve only read bits and pieces, but in my wildest, fantastic alternate reality, this dude is just setting the stage for making his own announcement that the baby is his and that on the vernal equinox, the mothership will descend to resurrect ANS and beam the happy family aboard as they begin a gambling tour of the galactic frontier.

  11. I admit I watched it and continued to watch it because my brain couldn’t really wrap around what I was seeing. This was the most disgusting lack of decorum in a court of law I’ve seen EVER. What Anna’s drug use, sexual conquests, etc had to do with who got her remains is even now still puzzling and appalling to me. This judge allowed the rape of this woman for all to see and enjoyed every minute of it in obvious hopes of a media career for himself. It was like I was watching a bad reenactment on Entertainment Tonight.
    This made a mockery of our judicial system but I guess with a country that allows the suspension of habeas corpus and legalizes torture what right do I have to expect more?

  12. Any judge who got this case was going to be faced with a zoo. I just wonder if the judges that assign cases in Broward county thought to themselves, “Man, I don’t want this case in my courtroom, and neither do most judges. Hey! Let’s give it to Sheidlin! He really digs this stuff.”
    What I did think was a bit precious was Jeffrey Toobin, legal analyst for CNN, complaining that the judge had turned the proceedings into a circus. Uh nope. CNN, MSNBC, Court TV, etc. etc. ad nauseum, ad infinitum, they turned it into a circus and they got the perfect ringmaster in Sheidlin.

  13. This was a real no-win situation for the judge. The judge is a bit flakey, true, but I sympathize with him. Not trying to be crude, but anal retentive stick-in-the-butt type lawyers (a large portion of them) are gonna hate him, seat-of-the-pants types may not like him but aren’t up in arms over it.
    There was a short time to get through a huge amount of stuff. So many parties and attorneys to deal with … a real trainwreck. IAAL.
    It was high quality trash TV. I never ever watch that kind of stuff but I was really drawn in also. Don’t sweat it scout.

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