Is That A Surge I See Or Do You Have A Roll Of Dimes In Your Pocket?

I’m sure the citizens of Baghdad will sleep well tonight.

About 130 fresh Iraqi troops from the country’s Kurdish north flew into Baghdad on Sunday to join the fight for the nation’s capital with the promise of a $200 bonus, nearly a month’s pay.


The troops represented a fraction of the expected influx of some 8,000 Iraqi reinforcements from the north, the Shiite south and the insurgent stronghold of Anbar province west of Baghdad.

The drafting of troops from the north most former Kurdish guerrillas who fought for decades against Saddam Hussein’s regime to participate in the security crackdown in the capital has raised concerns as many speak no Arabic and are unfamiliar with the territory and urban warfare.


The inability of the Shiite-led government to deliver the promised number of Iraqi forces has been partly blamed for the failure of two previous security operations in Baghdad.


A brigade from Sulaimaniyah, also in the Kurdish north, has reached Baghdad, but it is only 1,000-men strong, not the expected 3,000.