The Feith Defense Continues

Scout e-mailed me with Doug Feith’s new web site.

You can laugh, go ahead.

Seriously, I’ve seen 15-year-olds’ Livejournals that aren’t this much of a desperate cry for validation.

My favorite section is his “news coverage”page, otherwise known as The Idiot Brigade Thinks I’m Awesome:

Feith on Trial
Facts don’t matter to Carl Levin
Mario Loyola, National Review Online, February 27, 2007

When skepticism becomes dangerous
Jonathan S. Tobin, The Jewish Exponent, February 22, 2007

Reporting for Spin
Benjamin Zycher, National Review, February 21, 2007

A Word for Chris Wallace
Douglas J. Feith,, February 21, 2007

Letters to the Editor
Jack David, The New York Sun, February 20, 2007

The Misuses of Intelligence
Michael Barone, Washington Times, February 20, 2007

The ‘Feith Memo’ Revisited
The Weekly Standard, February 19, 2007

How a Page 1 Mistake Was Made
Deborah Howell, Washington Post, February 18, 2007

The Letter from Gen. Michael Dunn the New York Times Won’t Print
Michael M. Dunn, February 17, 2007

Doug Feith Talks Back
Michael Barone, US News and World Report, February 14, 2007

Tough Questions We Were Right to Ask
Douglas J. Feith, The Washington Post, February 14, 2007

Douglas J. Feith on the Hugh Hewitt Show
Transcript, February 13, 2007

Let A Thousand Team Bs Bloom: Douglas Feith Deserves Our Thanks
Hugh Hewitt, ABC News, February 12, 2007

Vindicating Doug Feith
New York Sun Editorial, February 12, 2007

Senator Ahab
Wall Street Journal Online, February 12, 2007

Douglas J. Feith on Fox News Sunday
Transcript, February 11, 2007

Douglas J. Feith on CNN with Wolf Blitzer
Edited Rebroadcast, February 9, 2007

Intelligence Games
The Pentagon IG report shows we’re not serious about reform
Andrew C. McCarthy, The National Review, February 9, 2007

A conversation with Douglas J. Feith, February 2007

Of all of that mess, leaving out the interviews of Feith and the pieces he himself wrote, only Howell can be considered a mainstream source, and he’s basically citing her correction as a bit of positive commentary, which is pathetic. There’s no assessment of his tenure by anyone other than the usual “Bush ROOLZ Kerry DROOLZ” crowd. You know, the people who greeted the news that he hadn’t done anything illegal with virtual wavings of a big foam finger. Those guys.

How hard up are you for praise when you’re taking it from Hugh Hewitt and RedState?


9 thoughts on “The Feith Defense Continues

  1. I will make an attempt to reread any facts that are forthcoming from Feith. However, I currently am critical of the role he played as a government worker. I am shocked that anyone would think that in a democracy you can set up an agency to circumvent our CIA. Taking secret information and twisting it for nefarious purposes – to illegally support an illegal war- is illegal. All the characters in the OSP office (and most in the administration) deserve to be charged with treason. But I’ll try to keep an open mind.

  2. Feith is happy to quote Gen. Pace on his patriotism. He omits what Gen. Franks said about him. “Feith is the dumbest fucking man on the planet.”

  3. I suggest we forget about this guy. However we do need to remember how he and the other new “Watergate Plumbers” were able to hijack our foreign policy into what may become or allready is the most perilous hour the nation has yet encountered.

  4. My favorite e-Doug moment is his assertion that it would be wrong for the CIA to be insulated from criticism by policymakers like Feith’s Office of Special Plans, because (paraphrasing) the CIA is often wrong — just look at their pre-war analysis on Iraqi WMDs! That’s just a tornado of hypocrisy, dishonesty, and chutzpah.
    On the other hand, I kinda almost feel bad for Feith. It’s getting hotter and hotter for him, he’s one of the most despised people in the U.S., and his troubles are, I suspect, just beginning. I suspect his lack of a comments area or contact info isn’t just an oversight.

  5. Yep…the “media myths v. facts” section is funny beyond words …

  6. damn you attaturk!!! that was gonna be my funny!
    I’ll now have to settle for pointing this out:
    ” Mr. Feith helped plan the worldwide changes in the U.S. defense posture”

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