The voice of the Know It All:

Come on, $80?? Dont pay the cable for a month or two. Sell some bling. Get a job.


If the mother was that concerned, im sure she could have put her hands on $80.00, or she could have gone to 1 of many dental schools, they would hav ebeen glad to pull the boys tooth, or teeth, just a lack of education,parenting,and really caring is the reason here. i see she got him into a hospital for over $250,000.00 dollars in medical bills, and she couldnt get him to a dentist for a toot extraction??? come on, i do blame the mother here. If she would have taken him to PG hospital with the tooth ache they would have done something for the boy, so i still have to blame the mother, and father if he could be found, hes probably in pg county jail, or jessup, or maybe even in dc jail, but one of them, im sure.

There’s a whole lot of stuff Tbogg quotes at which it’s possible to take enormous amounts of offense, but for some reason, “sell some bling” is the part that’s getting to me.

Because it’s all tied up in racist assumptions (Sell some bling. Because of course she has bling. She’s a black woman. She must have a big ass, designer jeans and a coke habit. Of course her baby daddy is in prison. Jesus H. Unicycling Christ.) and while that’s par for the course, it’s the need to make judgments about what certain kinds of people deserve to own that’s driving me fucking nuts here.

You heard this after Hurricane Katrina, that people in the Ninth Ward were too poor to afford decent housing but they all had big TVs, or that they’d just take any assistance they got and spend it on booze and drugs. You hear this after every story that’s ever published about anybody’s who’s poor (and a minority, and female, usually, but not always). This kind of stupid nitpicking about how they didn’t shop at the right places. “If you’d just clip coupons.” Sell some bling.

And you know, okay, maybe, but who the fuck are you to judge, is my point. And why do you care so goddamn much? If you spent half as much time working to end poverty as you do bitching about the clothing and jewelry of the people who are poor, you’d end not only poverty but war, famine, pestilence and death. Talk about a waste of energy, sitting around imagining all the “bling” somebody has, and getting pissed about it. It’s nothing more than a way of avoiding responsibility, shoving it away, making all this somebody else’s problem because then the gnawing in your gut just means you need more Cheetos.

Turn it around on them, ask them if they’d have handed the boy’s mother $80 if she asked for it on the street (hell no! she’s just gonna buy drugs! move along!) because after all, they’re just gonna spend it on Starbucks, and they’d be horrified. How dare you want to tell them what to do with their cash!

People are only entitled to some things, and you’re the right person to figure out their spending for them. From a distance, of course. If you were asked to support free financial counseling services for the poor, or God forbid volunteer for such a thing, you’d oppose it, as a government handout to people just too weak to hire their own Ameriprise counselor.


The reddest communo-socialist-hippie in all the land doesn’t want to tell people how to spend their money as much as these stuck-up Republican assholes seem to want to.


8 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. Hells yes! You tell it, girl! Nothing pisses me off more than this kind of righteous (reich-ous) attitude.

  2. dewd,who pissed in yer cornflakes this morning?
    (I keed, pls do not smite me)
    I used to work (in NYC) with a woman who was extremely religious – one of those conservative yet strangely (or maybe not) progressive people with whom it can be difficult to navigate issues. For example, she took issue with me wearing a Virgin of Guadalupe tshirt, did not want to engage re VoG being a folk hero in addition to religious icon dialogue at ALL but was completely accepting of me being a lesbian, always asked after my partner, supportive of our relationship, etc.
    Anyway, I digress. This woman blew me away one day. It was the dead of winter in NY, and someone else made a comment about feeling weird about giving a homeless guy money because of what he would “probably just go spend it on.” She whirled around (we worked in a kids bookstore) from the cash register, some bills in her hand and said (I’m paraphrasing) “You know what? I don’t care if he goes and buys crack or heroin or booze or cigarettes with my money, I’m going to give him my dollar or quarter or whatever I can spare because you know why?” (pause for effect, by this time everyone in the entire store has come to a halt and is watching/listening)
    “Because me stopping and giving him a dollar is an act of mercy. It’s not much, it’s not enough, it doesn’t change the big picture,it’s imperfect, he may not see it that way, the list goes on and on,but I see it as a small act of mercy, of me performing a ritual of god’s grace, of saying ‘you and I are brother and sister and you are not invisible to me and I am not invisible to you and neither of us can fix whats broken and we are both afraid of each other but it’s a good thing that you can still ask me and that I can still stop and answer you because we are both alive and its very cold today.’ ”
    (that last part is near verbatim what she said)
    And then she turned back around and finished with her customer and everything went back to normal but I never forgot that and I bet no one else there did either.

  3. The ignorance of some people is their defense against the necessity of understanding. When this is coupled with a desire to belittle or misrepresent the other person it becomes an outlet
    for grandstanding ala Ms. Coulter or Ms. Malkin. This in turn encourages other weak minded
    people by example. At least it is easy to spot and avoid, sort of like dog shit on the sidewalk.

  4. virgo, if only we had more of that lady.
    and then i read of the people on DU that go beyond that $1 or 2. and it just makes me sick that the world would rather followin lock-step off the cliff with georgie and dickie.

  5. Worse than that – I once was in the hospital for some surgery and a poor little five year old kid was having all his teeth extracted – because in our city, people fight against floridating the water.
    Wonder if that might have saved this poor kid, too.

  6. i’ll happily extract that racist asshole’s teeth for free, if he wants. i have a sophistocated instrument of dental surgery in the trunk of my car.
    “bling.” jesus barfed.

  7. I’d like to know where ya can get a tooth extracted for $80. Not in my world. Try 3x’s that amount.

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