5 thoughts on ““Let Them Wave Flags”

  1. Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, 73-year-old candidate, Bob Dole.
    Kang: Abortions for all.
    [crowd boos]
    Very well, no abortions for anyone.
    [crowd boos]
    Hmm… Abortions for some, miniature American flags for
    [crowd cheers and waves miniature flags]
    — The Simpsons, “Treehouse of Horror VII”

  2. Espeth – “Round us potentially ‘hostile’ (I will blissfully admit to being verbally hostile) folks up and cart us off???”
    oh, you mean like to one of the large new ‘camps’ at Guantanamo Bay that Hallibuton has been building?
    I wish I thought you were peing paranoid or hyperbolic, for my part, I think this administration has been trying desperately to get “The Left™” to rise up and take to the streets so they have a real excuse for martial law. What do you thinl all the post 9/11 money has been spent on other than prisons and crowd control training and gear?
    Since we’re not biting, it seems they’re now trying to piss off “The Right™”.
    I will now remove my tin-foil hat.

  3. little flags!?!? LITTLE AMERICAN FLAGS!?!?!?! Such a balm to Nola’s wounds and SOOOO timely, too!!!???
    And to only give them to ‘non-hostile’ residents??? That’s right – only non-hostiles lost anything…the rest of them don’t pay any taxes or are citizens, they don’t count at all, because they don’t like lil’ boots!!! Not that the flags mean anything at all – maybe if he had given ALL the impacted residents permanent home insurance coverage regardless of event, and the least rigamarole in order to rebuild their homes, I might be less ‘hostile’…but you don’t see me holding my breath on that one!
    Jeesh, what next? Round us potentially ‘hostile’ (I will blissfully admit to being verbally hostile) folks up and cart us off??? That would make for a lot of unemployed Secret Service fellas when we are all in concentration camps.
    Impeach the Chimp NOW!!!!
    Elspeth (who obviously doesn’t fit the term ‘brevity’ today…sorry mdhatter! 🙂 )

  4. Hey, mdhatter – I think there’s a quote that goes something like this “Just because your not paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.”
    I used to think that our country couldn’t reach such a despicable point as to lose the democracy that has been its guiding principle…I was so naive as to think the powers that be wouldn’t be so dark hearted and personally greedy as to hurt our country deliberately and disrespect the will of the people. Despite my middle-aged years I am starting to reach this year, I was sadly ignorant of our own country’s history of manipulation of world events to their own gain…it took this bushco debacle (debaucle? too early on a sat for me to look up, sorry) to open my eyes. Sad, silly, ignorant me… The fact that this “leader” and his crew create disaster upon disaster builds a mess of a mountain of accountability for this misadministration and yet there are no obvious signs of anyone (who has the power) to go after these elected criminals (pseudo-elected at that!!!)! We at our level rumble and call for it and demand it from our congresspersons – but despite some good works, there is nothing (that I can see) out on the table that is going to put these b@st@rds in their rightful place (prison). The cabal is just being left to further make heinous messes that will put us further down the hole.
    Oh, and just so we are covered should they ever be prosecuted and found legitimately guilty of such evil against our country – there needs to be a law made such that their assets need to be seized, stock portfolios frozen and access to their Swiss Bank accounts acquired – so that we don’t have another “Ken Lay” where he was guilty, but his “death” negated what he owed. (no, I don’t expect that to happen, that would be too ‘fair’ and as my boyfriend has expressed to me that p*sses me off to no end: “‘Fair’ is for little girls and lawyers”)
    Believe me I wish we could perform a citizen’s arrest on this wretched cabal, but they have gotten away with far too much already w/no consequences (to them, PLENTY of consequences to us, though).
    It just really (and I mean REALLY) depresses me and makes me think the “democratic experiment” put forth by our country’s founding fathers/mothers and evidenced in our Bill of Rights and Constitution has just had its funding cut off by the bushco creeps.
    Great – way to start a weekend feeling full of despair and hopelessness. So much for my plans to work on my cake business ideas, what’s the point? I guess I will find some St John’s Wort to pop and quell the beast for now.
    We have GOT to get out of this miasma of incompetence and greed!!!
    Blessings for a new day, SOON! Please???
    Goddess bless and keep us!

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