Dublin prepares for global warming

They aren’t stuck on stupid in Ireland as we are here…

Dublin City Council is to examine the possibility of building
three giant barriers in Dublin Bay to protect the city from
flooding due to global warming.

City engineers have begun an initial study into the feasibility
of the tidal barrages as a long-term option to protect the city
against rising sea levels predicted due to climate change.

The council will look at the prospect of three separate barrages
to protect the city in an initiative known as Project 2030.


Dublin deputy city engineer Tom Leahy told The Irish Times that
such barriers would not be needed in the short term, but they could
be necessary from 2030 on.

“We are looking at the moment at the long-term rise in sea
levels that are going to occur and how we can address it,” he said.
“Climate change is happening but we have the time to identify the
problem and to deal with it.”

He said the council had also identified €100 million of
flood protection works to be carried out over the coming decade to
provide protection in the medium term.

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  2. Not only that – I believe one of the senior NY pols is going to be traveling over to Dublin to participate in their St Patrick’s Day parade because, unlike seemingly cosmopolitan NY’s Irish-Americans, the Irish in Ireland have no problem with letting LGBT people parade the green along with the rest of the population.
    I wonder if this senior NY pol could also look into what can be done (besides the existing ‘redbird reefs’ – scuttled subway cars on the seafloor acting as natural barrages against storms) to prepare for the next 100-year storm, besides the current Bloombergian stratagem of ‘run like stink’?

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