Friday Ferretblogging: Stripe Edition

So Stripe’s our Six Million Dollar Ferret. Diagnosing his insulinoma, his various bouts of the flu, his general layabout-ness, has pretty much cost us a year’s tuition at a nice private elementary school. It would be awesome if, in exchange for spending that much on him, Stripe learned multiplication tables. Sadly, he remains a large dust mop with a brain the size of a walnut. But we love him, and this is why:


16 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Stripe Edition

  1. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t hang out here anymore, elksbreath.
    I’m more progressive/liberal than most people you will ever meet. I am the anti-Cheney.
    It seems, however, that your little clique over here doesn’t allow for anyone to have dissenting opinions about anything. Either we toe every single liberal cliche line, or you folks come out swinging, ala your mean-spirited comment that I leave.
    Fine. I’ll pick up my tricycle and my squeaky toys and go play somewhere else where everyone isn’t a stuck-up snob.
    It’s a shame that there is such polarization in the world right now that you folks are just as extreme as those I can’t stand on the right.

  2. Another assumption being made is that pets don’t contribute to the well being of their owners/servents in some hard to quantify way. When I was in the hospital last year they had some dogs come by and visit me, it made me feel better for the visit, why, I don’t know nor care, but it remains that another life, especially one not intent on taking your money or screwing you over at work, enriches our lives.
    Putting your animal down because they come down with illness seems rather cold and callous, but I can appreciate that circumstances sometimes force that decision. But since you have a pet you have accepted responsibility for them, and it would be irresponsible to just toss them aside at the first sign of trouble, don’t you think?
    Maybe not, but animals, pets, are a part of the fabric of life. The reason cats and dogs, especially are domesticated is because they benefit each other. While rats and pests, wolves raiding the flock, and other pet duites aren’t as vital these days, the bonds remain. And at the rate BushCo is fucking up this country, we may need all the animal friends we can get to survive.

  3. prozacula take 2
    “ranting at someone you don’t know over something like this really makes you seem none-too-friendly.”
    Your sentiments exactly.

  4. Looks like someone (hmmm, prozacula?) is off their meds! Or else, needs them adjusted! Criminy what a raging freak! Perhaps ol’ prozacula is actually the nom-de-poster of dearest unca dick “I eat kittens for breakfast and smother puppies for my workout” cheney?
    Dude, you are outed – now be a good b@st@rd and crawl back under your non-sentient rock…you might want to raise it up and drop it on your head rather violently several times – at least until consciousness eludes you.

  5. prozacula, I’m sorry if it seemed like vitriol. It was intened to be strongly ironic, but I’m kind of an inartful clod sometimes. I apologize if my reaction made you feel unwelcome here.
    My reaction was based on the perception that you had taken a cheap (my perception) and as noted, extemely reductive, potshot against the folks around here. People that I know for a fact are very compassionate and ‘walk the walk’ re: animals AND humans.
    I don’t think that any one person can arbitrate the exact nature of that “wise balance” to which you refer. I don’t automatically “rate” animal life, their companionship and service, their happiness and suffering, and their individual value to the planet and human race to be necessarily lesser than that of humans. I believe we humans should strive to lessen the suffering of all living beings. Your work with the ill, needy and unfortunate is admirable but I do not believe it gives you license to make judgements about the efforts, decisions, and resources of other people.
    I do feel passionately about companion, stray and wild animals, and my professional life also involves real life ethical issue with animals AND humans, and I reacted strongly because of these feelings and experiences.
    Re sentience, the United States Department of Agriculture, the National Institutes of Health, the European Union (as of 1997), the Dalai Lama, and most biological scientists and professional ethicists consider animals to be sentient, with intrinsic value. The standard most commonly used is that any being that attempts to avoid suffering is considered self-aware and sentient.

  6. I just believe in a wise balance of what importance we project on our non-sentient pets versus the value of human beings.
    It’s not that I don’t see where you’re coming from. However, my point is that you can’t infer what importance I place on a human being from what little you gleaned from a post about my pet. For all you know, I’m a gazillionaire who sent 30 kids to college on scholarships and built a small city of low-income housing for strangers and give money to every panhandler I meet (okay, this last part is true, for which I’m sure somebody else will jump on my ass about enabling behaviors) and am only now getting around to getting my ferret to the vet with the little I have left.
    I’m not arguing with the idea that we should take care of each other. I just don’t agree that it has to be either/or. And I don’t think it’s fair to say to me, “You paid your vet to take care of your animal, therefore you don’t value human life enough.”
    Your choices are your own. I wish you’d shared them with us in some way that wasn’t an attack.

  7. well, mr/mrs virgotex, thanks for the vitriolic response. You must belong to PETA or something like that.
    Comparing me to St. Francis is nice and all (being the saint of animals or some such shit), but is an errant attempt at irony, I’m sure. And thanks very much for including the OTHER, less common definitions for the word ‘sentient’. It is colloquially understood to mean someone/thing that has achieved self awareness. Much like the word ‘dork’ it, too, has other meanings (dork is also the word for a whale penis, and/or, another name for virgotex)
    I own a computer because I use it to make a living – I’m a programmer.
    I don’t own high-dollar items, in fact any thief would be very disappointed upon breaking into my house (that I own, thank you very much), as I don’t have enough money to spend on stupid wasteful crap like televisions (don’t have one of those either). Most of my money turns into food for my 3 kids.
    I donate my time and efforts to the needy all the time. I took a week off of work to help Katrina-aftermath victims in Houston, I send what little money I have left at the end of the month to various charities to help PEOPLE. I volunteer at churches to help the homeless, and I give the local homeless guys that live near me tents, food and clothes about twice a year.
    I never suggested euthanizing all pets and animals (speaking of reductivist arguments), just those that require expensive operations and/or medications. Thanks for freaking out though. You have one hell of an attractive online presence there – ranting at someone you don’t know over something like this really makes you seem none-too-friendly.
    My distaste for the way people in this country have elevated their pets above the level of the less fortunate humans around them shouldn’t set you off like it did, but I have no control over that.
    Now excuse me while I go smother some puppies.

  8. oh, and another thing, St. Francis, look up the definition of sentience:
    Sentience refers to possession of sensory organs, the ability to feel or perceive, not necessarily including the faculty of self-awareness.

  9. yeah prozacula, let’s continue.
    I’m sure you could taken the +-grand you spent on your computer and donated to a homeless shelter or ACORN or some similiar organization. And hey, it’s not too late. Unplug it and drive it down there, or donate it to Goodwill. They’ll also accept your car and television. Take all the high dollar items out of your home RIGHT NOW and donate them. And if you were selfish enough to buy a home for yourself, I suggest you move into a tent and let a homeless family live in your home, then when your mortgage is paid off, hand the deed over to them.
    Or, if you live in an apartment, just keep paying rent on it, but let a homeless family live there- hey you’ve got your tent, you’ll be dry between your trips out to the soup kitchen.
    Now, the 10 minutes it took you to compose the email, – couldn’t that have been better used- or were you doing on your break time off from your In Gods Love We Deliver route?
    in fact, why are you even on the internet? Why are you wasting your time in this thread reading posts about Friday pet videos?? Why are you using that time to email your congress person, or track their latest vote ( donating money electronically via pay pal to First Draft Krewe’s trip to New Orleans at the end of the month, or buying a respirator for some of us that will be gutting houses down there?
    Oh, and when were going to get around to collecting and euthanizing every single companion and stray animal in the country so that they don’t keep siphoning off badly needed dollars that could be used to help humans? Better get right on that.

  10. I was being reductive for a reason. I have HUGE problems with PETA, and am bothered a great deal when social progressive friends of mine spend more money on their stinking pets than they do on actual people. When all the people in the world have enough to eat and some decent water and shelter, THEN I say it’s a good time to focus on the animals. I have a friend who calls their cat 10K for a reason. I’m disgusted by that, truthfully.
    I’m not against pets, I just believe in a wise balance of what importance we project on our non-sentient pets versus the value of human beings. I own a dog, but if he has some major complication like diabetes or cancer, I will put him down rather than administer shots of very expensive medicine (that could go to a 3rd world diabetic human) every day or spend $5k on his surgery (money that could go towards feeding starving children, or perhaps paying for surgery for a poor cancer-stricken human).
    My comments above are merely a reflection of years of built up anger regarding the misplaced importance we project onto animals in this country.
    In many, many other countries, your pets would be called ‘dinner’.

  11. Oh, boy. Prozacula, before you get buried by pet lovers here, let me just say that it’s not a zero-sum thing. We give plenty of money to charities that deal with people, as well, and when you take something into your house, I believe you should take care of it, and that means regular veterinary care for the animals that depend on you. It’s cruel to get a pet and then not care for it properly.
    Even if your general point is that people shouldn’t have companion animals, you shouldn’t make assumptions about how I satisfy my obligations to my fellow man based on one small vid of a furry thing. It’s … reductive, for one.
    For another, ferrets aren’t rodents. They’re mustelids.

  12. Damn. You wasted a large amount of money on a RODENT? Here’s a better idea:
    save the money, and give it TO A PERSON THAT NEEDS IT!
    Our country is so ass-backwards, it’s unbelievable. We give fucking FERRETS better living conditions than 90% of the entire world has access to.
    I realize your ferret is cute and all that shit, but really – what is more important – a small rat that lives a few years, or a human in true need? people are dying every day due to lack of clean water or medicine or food, and you spend a small fortune trying to save a rat.

  13. Awwwww!! I know about the vet bills. Eeeee-yahhhh!! I started adding up Maxx’s bills from the past year, I had to quit when I hit $5,000.
    In happier news, I got a 1 gig card for my new phone, so I hope to put up Mad Maddie video sometime this weekend.

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