CNN reports Libby found Guilty on 4 of 5 counts!


Count 1: GUILTY
Count 2: GUILTY
(making False Statement to FBI agents)
Count 4: GUILTY (perjury)

Count 5: GUILTY (perjury)

I’d say go to Firedoglake but it looks like everyone did…they are down. Hopefully they’ll be up again soon

4 thoughts on “Guilty!!!!!

  1. FOX reports Libby NOT GUILTY of lying to FBI.
    which is exactly true, but not quite the story.
    as usual.

  2. YESSSSS!!!!!!
    And I just would like to say that we should really take this moment to appreciate that this would never have happened unless there was a Fitz. I’ve sometimes felt that the law is our last best hope, for Victory. They press have danced away from this story for years because they were at the heart of it. It’s hard to report on yourself and your sources.

  3. TV (mostly MSNBC) keeps saying that “now Bush will have to comment on the verdict, on Libby, on Cheney’s role” etc.
    As Paul Reiser used to say “Never gonna happen, my friend.” The will continue to dodge, saying “oh, but there’s an appeal pending, and we don’t comment about 0n-going cases”.
    BTW: for a minute or two AFTER CNN and MSNBC had it as 4 out of 5, Fox Noise was saying guilty on all counts. Hee Hee

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