Today On Athenae’s Obssession With The Freepi

I’m just a freeper … a lonely freeper … at Fitzmas:

There is no direct evidence of anything, just gossip of he said/he said stuff and that isn’t strong enough to convict IMO, but these are mostly probably government employees on the jury.


There is JOY in hell today.


What a sham… a ridiculous prosecution based on hearsay that was not allowed to be adequately challenged by the defense.


Yeah, that concept disappeared a long, long time ago. Nowadays, you can have a “special prosecutor” investigate a crime (that he quickly determines never happened) on the taxpayers’ dime for over a year until he trips up somebody enough to indict a ham sandwich. Thereby justifying the cost of paying a staff and living high on the hog. It is a disgrace.

That last one just fucking KILLS me.


9 thoughts on “Today On Athenae’s Obssession With The Freepi

  1. Thanks for the link to the message board. The howls are hilarious.
    Let’s put this in context – remember the juror selection: Jurors who had a negative view of Shrub were not allowed. [Kind of like the Texas guy contending that he couldn’t be tried under a democratic judge?] And yet they found him guilty on 4 counts.

  2. I’d say lets hope this sends a reminder to other folk to realise just how much of a scapegoat they can be, but they won’t. Every one of them will think “It can’t/won’t happen to me”.
    Yet another stupidhead.

  3. As for the last point – may I introduce as evidence:
    Exhibit ‘A’ – Starr, Kenneth W.

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