US Attorney Firing Hearings

I’m listening in on the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the firings of the US Attorneys on C-SPAN3.

So far former US Attorney David Iglesias has testified that Rep. Heather Wilson and Sen. Pete Domenici called to pressure him to issue indictments against Democrats in New Mexico. Sen. Domenici called him at home (which was unprecedented) and specifically asked if any indictments would be issued before November, then hung up on him when Igleasias told him no. Domenici placed his call four to six weeks before Iglesias was fired.

Rep. Wilson specifically asked about sealed indictments, which of course he could not discuss.

There was much discussion of the Justice Department’s attempts to coerce the testimony of the fired US Attorney’s befor ethe Senate.

The former US Attorney from the Western District of Washington (sorry, missed his name) testified that Rep. Doc Hastings’ (R-WA) chief of staff called him and pressured him to invesitgate Democrats involved in the closely-contested Washington (state) governor’s race.

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  1. …US Attorney from the Western District of Washington was John McKay, ordered to resign on Dec. 7…

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