Froomkin Fucking Nails the Fucker With A Big Fucking Nail

Dan’s the man.

Washington’s media elites have been against this case from the beginning, seeing Fitzgerald and Wilson as unwelcome interlopers threatening the cozy relationship between the city’s top political journalists and their sources.

So perhaps today’s Washington Post editorial shouldn’t come as a surprise. And yet it does.

The Post’s editorial grudgingly acknowledges that “Mr. Libby’s conviction should send a message to this and future administrations about the dangers of attempting to block official investigations.” But, making assertions that aren’t supported by facts that have been reported by its own news operation and others, the editorial concludes that the guilty verdict is, of all things, a vindication of the White House and an indictment of the prosecutor.

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  1. At the bottom of the WaPO page is a link to editorial cartoons. The last one (Mike Luckovitch of the Atlanta Journal Consitution has a “vote” on the cartoon. As of 1 PM Central Time, the vote was 90% positive. Yeah!!

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