She Was Not Covert And Everybody Knew!

The death of another right-wing meme.

Ms. [Diane] Plame, Ms. [Valerie Plame] Wilson’s mother, recalled that when her daughter was in her senior year at Pennsylvania State University, she sent her an advertisement for work at the C.I.A.Ms. Wilson became an undercover operative in Europe; officially she was an “energy consultant.” It was perhaps the riskiest type of undercover work, as she could not in a pinch fall back on being an employee of the United States.

Mother and daughter never again talked about work.

“I hear these people saying, ‘Oh, everyone knew she was undercover,’ ” Ms. Plame said. “Well, she did not enlighten her mother or her family. No, she did not.”


As the news of her blown cover broke, Ms. Wilson was headed to Chicago. Her best friend from childhood was a lawyer there and had never known Ms. Wilson was an agency operative.

“Valerie had lived this lie for so long that it was hard for her friend,” Ms. Plame recalled. “But they’re like sisters, and they came out of this as close as ever.”

And there’s nothing like a major Hollywood movie to set Cheney’s reputation as a villain in concrete.

Warner Brothers bought the movie rights to Ms. Wilson’s book, and there is already chatter of Nicole Kidman or Diane Lane taking the part of the blond C.I.A. operative.

8 thoughts on “She Was Not Covert And Everybody Knew!

  1. Sadly, the late Burgess Meredith won’t be able to reprise his role as the Penguin. “Mraarr! Libby! Go get ’em! Mraarr!”

  2. Aw, cut Diane and Nicole a break, pansypoo. Both are actually younger than Valerie Wilson. She was born in 1963, while Kidman was born in ’67 and Lane in ’65.
    Which just goes to show you that Valerie Wilson is remarkable in more ways than one.
    My preference is for Lane, despite my love for Kidman’s work. Lane has a certain air of gravitas which would suit the role.

  3. I’ll have to get this article to the people at ABC Disney Station KSFO, STAT! They were saying just the other day that Plame WAS NOT COVERT!
    And they keep repeating it over and over and over. So it MUST be true! Their is no consequence for saying that. They have no duty to the truth. Just to their partisan spin.
    Nice work if you can get it. And they get it. Wingnut Welfare is very profitable (but maybe a bit less these days thanks to the work of some good people at Online Integrity and little ol’ me.)

  4. “Outing her rendered her inoperative against them.”
    Her outing rendered her inoperative in her work on Iran’s nuclear program. Think how she could have had access to information to counter lies about starting a war with Iran based on their nuclear weapons program. Think how happy the Bush maladministration must be to have her out of th way now.

  5. I still think that the Bushies saw outing Plame as working to their advantage. If anyone know what a pack of lies they were telling about WMD, it would have been her. Outing her rendered her inoperative against them.

  6. As if facts like that, especially personal testimonies, would sway a winger! You’ll notice that Hiatt wrote that she wasn’t covert just yesterday.
    And in fact, if these people used their brains, they would know that this meme wouldn’t fly in the first place (sorry for the mixed metaphor). The CIA, remember, initially pushed for the investigation. If anyone in the world knows who’s a covert agent and who isn’t, it would be the CIA. Duh.

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