Your Pissy President Speaks!

Once again, in Brazil. This time in a mini press conference that was cut short when Chimpy got pissed (more on that later).

For The Lack Of An “Ic”

I’m an optimist that we can get it done.

There’s A Lot Of Agreements

Since we discussed the FTAA — and the United States has entered into a series of agreements, as has Brazil — in other words, there’s a lot of — there’s a lot of bilateral and regional trade agreements going on.

Successful Failure

I mean, after all, there’s been a lot of successes on the trade front, just not on that particular trade front.

Investment Is A Fancy Word

There is a lot of investment in the region, as the President noted. Oh, for some, that’s just a fancy word, but for others who benefit from the investment through jobs, it’s a central part of their life.

There IS A Lot Of Remittances

There’s a lot of remittances from the United States back to the region. Why? Because there are people working for a living in our country that are sending money home to support their families.

He Stated The Meeting Publicly

Our message to the Syrians and Iranians won’t change at that meeting that I’ve stated publicly, which is, we expect you to help this young democracy.

Your Pissy President Opens By Answering A Question Directed To Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva …

Q Mr. President Bush, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been using his country’s vast oil wealth to court a whole new generation of Latin Americans. You pretty much avoided using his name. He certainly used yours a lot, including saying earlier today, “Go home, gringo.” Do you think a visit to Latin America and agreements like the one you forged today will help counter his influence, or just give him more ammunition?

And to President Lula da Silva, were you able to persuade President Bush to help you on getting our Congress to lower the sugar ethanol tariffs?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I’ll answer that one for him — he can answer it, too. It’s not going to happen. The law doesn’t end until 2009; then the Congress accepts it — will look at it when the law ends.

You may want to expand on that answer.

Then He Provides A 415-Word Answer To The Question He Was Asked Without Once Mentioning Hugo Chavez And Closes With…

Get another question moving.

Then He Really Gets Steamed

Q My question is for President Bush, is whether you agree that in recent years, the U.S. really had its back turned to Latin America? And if so, what could be done to make up for the losses in the past in the last two years of your presidency?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well, I strongly disagree with your description of U.S. foreign policy. That may be what people say, but it’s certainly not what the facts bear out. I just told you that our bilateral aid package has doubled.

3 thoughts on “Your Pissy President Speaks!

  1. “I just told you that our bilateral aid package has doubled.”
    Neglecting to mention that at least half of that “aid” is funding for miltary programs and/or drug eradication programs. Why oh why do they hate us after all we’ve done to them? Er, for them.

  2. how come everytime he gives a speech, it sounds like a HS book report?
    Actually, I think he sounds like a sixth-grade book report: “If you like sugar-cane ethanol, you’ll love Brazil! heh heh”
    He really doesn’t understand how much he is disliked here in Latin America

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