Your President Speaks!

If it’s Saturday, it must be Uruguay

This Joke Killed In Abu Ghraib. No, Literally — We Killed People There.

One place we have common ground is the respect for human rights and human dignity, respect for rule of law; we welcome a free press — most of the time. (Laughter.) No, all the time.

Quotas Was Not Fair

He felt like the quotas on certain items, such as cows and sheep, was not fair, and I told him I would absolutely consider requests he made.

I Wonder How Many Blueberries Will Fit In My Left Nostril

You thought I was teasing about blueberries, but I wasn’t. It turns out Uruguay produces a fantastic blueberry. And the fundamental question is, will that blueberry — will the blueberry grower be able to sell product into the United States?

My Cat’s Breath Smells Like Cat Food

I shared with the President about our strategies as to advance the Doha Round.

A Question For The Chimp

Q Thank you, Mr. President and Mr. President. For President Bush, Hugo Chavez suggested that you are afraid to mention his name. So, are you? And how much of a threat is he to the United States’ interests in the hemisphere?

The Answer: 371 Words, None Of Them “Hugo” Or “Chavez”

If It’s Sunday, it must be Bogotá, Colombia.

Cannot Be Tolerated In YourSociety

You cannot tolerate in a society the ability of people to take innocent life to achieve political objectives.

Paging Scooter Libby

I support a plan that says that there be an independent judiciary analyzing every charge brought forth, and when someone is found guilty, there’s punishment. That’s the kind of plan I support.

Scooter Libby, Please Pick Up The White Courtesy Phone

In other words, there’s no political favorites when it comes to justice, that if someone is guilty, they will pay a penalty.

The Kind Of Justice This Government Will Do

Listen, this country has come through some very difficult times. And the best way to heal wounds is for people to see fair, independent justice being delivered, and I believe that’s the kind of justice this government will do.

Families Should Have A Say In Kindappings

It’s amazing, isn’t it, that we live in a society where you’ve got part of your country where people just kidnap somebody who is hear [sic] trying to help, without any regard to whether or not — how their family feels.

Actions Are Hard To Say

Words are easy to say in politics in the international diplomacy.

Ward, I Think You Are Being Too Hard On The Beaver

I thought the conference — well, first of all, I thought the conference got people in the neighborhood to say positive things about the young democracy.

Only Part Of The Success

Part of the success in Iraq is going to be whether or not this government has got the confidence necessary to make hard decisions.

4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. ‘Part of the success in Iraq is going to be whether or not this government has got the confidence necessary to make hard decisions.’
    Of course, there’s actually a difference between confidently making really stupid decisions and proceeding cautiously into making good ones, but it’s not a difference he’d notice.

  2. All the old lurking dynasts and military warlord families must be licking their chops the Ultimate Hypocrite of the Western Hemisphere is hinting at a return to the bad old days of their stranglehold on political and economic power this time in the name of fightin’ “terarist” and that “eevul” man in “Veniswayla”

  3. If there were any justice, every time that man opens his mouth and tries to say the words “rule of law” or tries to pretend that he respects democracy or democratic institutions, he would immediately be struck by lightning, or at the very least (for those less bloodthirsty than I am), doused with a storm of bullshit raining down on him alone.
    Clearly there is no justice.

  4. I wonder when we can expect him to give the commencement address at Yale or Harvard?

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