Your President Speaks! Again!

Today, in Iximch , Guatemala. No, he did not try to pronounce “Iximch”.

There Is Two Things!

And there’s two things I want to share: one, that USAID, which is funded through the generosity of the American people, is helping people like you all throughout the region to realize your dreams.

No One Laughed This Time

Because we believe in the dignity of every person.

3 thoughts on “Your President Speaks! Again!

  1. 1) Thank you for pointing out this hypocrisy.
    2) Please tell me that I didn’t just see what I saw on Olbermann. I didn’t catch the country, but I assume it was from this news conference. Shrub is the guest. President of hosting country is the host.
    Still Shrub, in the newsconference tells the host president to take only one more question because it is time to eat.
    Next time I go overseas, I’m going to tell the host countryfolk that I am in charge. Bet that goes over real good.

  2. i understand georgie also cut the USAID. beware the chimp coming to say he is gonna help.
    damned shame georgie will never be spanked.

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