NYTimes/CBS News In The Bag For The Bushboy

Holy Jesus! Chimpy’s job approval rating jumped five whole points in the latest NYTimes/CBS News poll! Could we be witnessing the fabled Broder Bounce?

Among Republicans, 75 percent approve of his job performance, and by overwhelming numbers they approve of his handling of foreign policy, the war in Iraq and the management of the economy.

Propelled by this Republican support, the poll registered an increase in the percentage of Americans who say they approve of Mr. Bush’s performance; it has increased to 34 percent now from 29 percent last month.

But wait, what’s this fine print here?

The poll, which was designed to survey more Republicans than it normally would to provide a better statistical look at the mood of the party, found signs that members were uneasy about its future.


One thought on “NYTimes/CBS News In The Bag For The Bushboy

  1. if there was no Fux Gnews, then how many would approve of georgie?
    when all you have is positive propaganda, of course you support your side.

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