The American People Are Undermining The Troops!

I imagine that would be Dick Cheney’s reaction to this new CNN poll.

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Nearly six in 10 Americans want to see U.S. troops leave Iraq either immediately or within a year, and more would rather have Congress running U.S. policy in the conflict than President Bush, according to a CNN poll out Tuesday.


Tuesday’s poll found most Americans support a withdrawal from Iraq, with 21 percent wanting an immediate pullout and 37 percent saying troops should be home within a year. Another 39 percent said the troops should stay in Iraq as long as needed.

They were more closely divided on the issue of funding the president’s so-called “New Way Forward,” with 52 percent saying Congress should block funds for additional troops and 43 percent opposing such a move.


[T]he latest survey finds Americans more receptive to having Congress take the lead, with 47 percent saying the lawmakers should be “primarily responsible” for setting war policy. Thirty-three percent said the president should be primarily responsible for setting the country’s course.

One thought on “The American People Are Undermining The Troops!

  1. because nothing that happened in iWaq is dickie and georgie’s fault.
    not at all.
    it’s OUR fault.
    for not charging DC and protesting georgie’s annointment in 2000.
    is american idol on tonight?

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