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  1. So, I just keep wondering: What does it mean exactly when these guys say “I’m responsible for that monumental fuck-up”?
    Mueller, FBI chief, said he was responsible for the national security letter illegal use/poor record-keeping/false reporting to Congress/etc. Now, Alberto “Torture” Gonzales says he’s responsible for the unseemly firing of the prosecutors.
    Is there some consequences that follow alongside the responsibility for these things, or is the buck-stopping the end of the story? “I’m responsible, and I think I’ve been punished enough”?
    Or should these guys get Presidental medals like that old CIA chief who accepted responsibility for the faulty Iraq WMD intelligence?

  2. Hearing of this, I keep wondering: What is to prevent me from fearing that my pro-Democratic actions will be subject to malicious prosecution (?persecution?) with trumped up charges?
    What is the effect of such politically sponsored partiality on free speech and other trappings of democracy?
    Will the people taking the polls on Shrub be prosecuted for emboldoning the enemy?

  3. Forgive me for posting twice. Just saw a partial transcript of Gonzales’s press conference. In it he stated that he wasn’t aware of everything that happened in his department.
    So, Sampson bypassed Gonzales/went around him/went over his head to get all this stuff cleared by the Whitehouse without even letting her boss know that she was doing it?
    What an insubordinate little @#$%$#@$%@#% ! I really feel sorry for Gonzales having to put up with this kind of disloyalty !

  4. Whenever a Republican uses the word “responsibility”, I think of Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  5. Shorter Abu Gonzales:
    “I take full responsibility for the nothing that there is to see here.”

  6. it’s not everyday that the huffington post and CNN have the exact same lead but right now they are both going with the email story.

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