Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Does Not Know What “Dispense With” Means, Part I

The American people would have been incredibly proud of watching our military folks dispense with basic health care needs to people who needed help.

Does Not Know What “Dispense With” Means, Part II

And I was sharing with the President a little earlier that we’re going to set up a health care training mission in Panama, so that we can train trainers, so that people in Guatemala can come and get the basic skills necessary to take back to their towns and villages to be able to dispense with basic health care.

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Principal Or A Caterpillar

As a matter of fact, I got to pack some lettuce. The President and I were hauling boxes of lettuce, we were putting them in the truck.

He Organized an Organization

I met Mariano Canú. I talked about this man, Mariano Canú, in my speech in Washington, D.C. I never met him, but I was intrigued by his story about how a fellow had gone from being a subsistence farmer, just scratching out a living, barely making it, the father of six kids wondering whether or not they would have a future, and then he organized an organization of small farmers call Labradores Mayas.

The Word Of The Day Is “About”

You should have seen the look on his face, about how proud he was to show to the President of this country and the President of the United States about progress being made.

Mind Your Own Beeswax

As the President mentioned, I’m working with the United States Congress on comprehensive immigration reform. He asked me about an incident that took place up in Massachusetts the other day. I said, yes, we’re going to enforce the laws in our country, just like you should you enforce the laws in yours.

Law Enforcement Enforcing The Law

It is against the law for somebody to hire somebody who is in our country illegally to work. And, therefore, the deportations took place as a result of law enforcement enforcing the law.

One Nation, One Law

It’s against the law to hire somebody who is in our country illegally, and we are a nation of law.

That’s The Instructions

And I think you’ll find that — let me say, I certainly hope you’ll find that people who are in the — that are interfacing with our government are treated with respect and decency. That’s certainly the instructions.

Began To Emerge

He’s referring to the process at this point in time, about why hadn’t a consensus bill in the Senate began to emerge, and it’s because this is a complicated issue that requires both parties learning to work together on this issue.

Old Habits

And then, as I understand it, Senator Kennedy will be carrying the bill on the Democrat side, and then once we can get a coherent Republican position, one that most Republicans are comfortable with, then we’ll start working with the Senator.

As You Know Full Well That

As you know full well that if we don’t have enough consensus, nothing is going to move out of the Senate.

I Ate The Blue Ones … They Taste Like Burning

It will mean somebody, first of all, doesn’t have to sneak in the country in the first place and pay a coyote, or buy forged documents, or sleep in some sleazy place hiding from authorities until you’re able to make destination.

That’s What Time Limits Are For

You won’t be able to — there will be a time limit on the amount of time, and that’s part of the negotiations.

But Not In The City

And that’s a difficult issue, and it’s one that’s got a lot of politics in the country.

Full Of… Hope

And therefore, my hope is — my hope is — it’s certainly not a promise, but my hope would be that we’d be able to get something out of the Senate and then into the House, and something — then they can work the conference in the fall. That would be the hope.

The Doctor Said I Wouldn’t Have So Many Nose Bleeds If I Kept My Finger Outta There

This is — in my judgment, the best way to deal with this problem, and to convince others throughout our country that it makes a lot of sense to commit assets is to think regionally.

Be Able To Affect!

And sometimes our DEA folks can trace back movements of drugs, which might then be able to help the region be able to disrupt and affect.

Offer Not Valid For Members Of The Bush Assministration

Look, I am a “if they break the law, arrest them” person.

Every Country Does

And so we’ve got to have a border.

They Were! Maybe.

In other words, people in Congress were saying, let us do something about border enforcement, and then let’s go comprehensive — I hope that’s what they’re saying.

10 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. “The American people would have been incredibly proud of watching our military folks dispense with basic health care needs to people who needed help.”
    lordy, he’s embarassing.

  2. “And so we’ve got to have a border”? Did he actually SAY that? Good Lord, the man really can’t speak his way out of a paper bag.

  3. How the hell are you able to keep doing this, Holden? Scramble, scramble, scramble go the brain cells any time I try to read these transcripts. Not so much scrambling, maybe, but running to the other brain hemisphere to try to get away. I hope the translators make his comments sound more intelligent in Spanish.

  4. i had to stop reading these as it made my brain hurt to much. and not to mention the damage to my soul.

  5. I gotta quit reading these or get a better monitor cleaner.
    You teh funny, Holden.

  6. “Dispense with basic health care” seems an entirely accurate statement of his intentions.
    Posted by: whig | March 13, 2007 at 13:02

    My sentiments exactly.
    Hey Holden, miss you guys. Say hi to the Crack Den Gang for me. Work is kicking my ass…

  7. I’m with whig. Bush is stating his intention very clearly to ‘dispense with health care’. At least to dispense with the government covering any bit of it. Just another thing to privatize the shit out of until it is a worthless heap.

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