First Republican calls for Gonzales to Go

AP reports Sen. John Sununu is first Republican in Congress to call for abu Gonzales’ dismissal…

“I think the president should replace him,” Sununu said in an interview with The Associated Press.
“We need to have a strong, credible attorney general that has the
confidence of Congress and the American people,” said Sununu, who faces
a tough re-election campaign next year. “Alberto Gonzales can’t fill
that role.”

“I think the attorney general should be fired,” Sununu said.

Drip drop drip…

3 thoughts on “First Republican calls for Gonzales to Go

  1. I hope everybody’s writing to their representatives and Senators to encourage them to add to the chorus. I wrote to Schumer on Sunday, and while I doubt his staff has even read my e-mail, I like to see that he’s pushing for Gonzales’ resignation with full energy.

  2. but listen to sununu talk: “screw gonzales, oh, and I didn’t really mean it when I voted for Patriot II, and I never thought Iraq was such a hot idea…” some advisor must’ve pointed out to him that he’s up for reelection next year in a NH that last year for the first time in forever went all D all the time in the midterms.
    Sununu’s read the writing on the wall, he knows he’s got to get with the program — but while the noises he’s making now are much more becoming than the hateful rhetoric he’s been so comfortable with until now, I hope the voters of NH will hold him fully accountable for the walk he’s walked and not the talk he’s suddenly begun to talk. He was one of the key enablers on the long, sad way to where we are today, and he should be made to pay dearly.

  3. I can’t wait for the the guys in Huntsville to meet the new “Sweetheart of Cell Block C”
    Don’t bend over for the soap gonzo…

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