NOLA Pumps and Bush Cronyism

Oyster has a must read post on the NOLA pumps. Oyster finds the attorney, representing MWI the Jeb crony company and maker of the defective pumps in NOLA, is a Bush pioneer. Said crony attorney is now doing damage control on PumpGate. Oyster is spot on…fire. Here is just a bit…

And I’ll try to make it as politically clear as possible: a
year and a half after a devastating Federal Flood, we have Bush crony
lawyers defending a Bush crony companywho got a multi-million dollar post-Katrina contract and made defective pumps for a city struggling to recover from disaster.

is how the Bushies operate. No matter how high the geo-political stakes
are, no matter how important it is to get something right (whether it
be a war or the rebuilding of a devastated American city) the Bushies
view major crises, first and foremost, as…business opportunities.

Really Go Read it all.Oyster points out the pumps failed a test in December and has good material on the pumps from Matt of Fix the Pumps blog who continues to further expose this story at his blog.

One thought on “NOLA Pumps and Bush Cronyism

  1. Scout: I read oyster’s post and I posted this on that site
    Hi Folks. If anyone reading this can contact Gentilly Girl could you please ask her to drop me a line?
    spockosemail at
    I’d really like her (or others with expertise) to look at the next round of memos that Matt McBride posted. Why?
    As you can see, WMI has said that all the pump issues “or allegations” were dismissed in the latter memos.
    Here is what they (in the form of William Schere) said
    “The allegations in the memo were all dismissed by other inspectors on site, and also by three additional inspectors and five separate independent consultants that were brought in to re-inspect the pumps following the memo.
    MWI was chosen in a competitive bid process and because of its world- leading expertise in designing and manufacturing pumps of the size, capacity and durability needed.”
    Also I’ll bet there are some contract bidding experts in the NOLA mailing list maybe they can find out about this competitive bid process and see just how competitive it was.

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