Landrieu calls for New Orleans pump investigation.

Senator Mary Landrieu has called for an investigation on the defective pumps from MWI and the contracting for such.Via Spocko’s Brain

In addition to calling for an investigation into
whether the Corps installed pumps they knew to be defective, Sen.
Landrieu requested that the GAO determine if the pump design and
installation contracts were given for any reason other than merit.

One point of note perhaps is that MWI had been tapped almost immediately after Katrina for rental pumps to dewater NOLA. From a September 12, 2005press release by MWI

MWI currently 12 very large Hydraflo pumps on site to help dewater
New Orleans. These 12 pumps have the capability to pump over 630,000 gallons per minute at a 10 foot head. We also have a representative from the MWI Rental Division, Mr. Matt Milinski on the ground along with the eight 42 inch and four 30 inch Hydraflo pumps. Matt is a registered professional engineer who has extensive experience
with Hydraflos. Our Rental General Manager, Mr. John Springer
is orchestrating the entire operation.

The most photographed pump in the media is the one shown below.
That is the discharge pipe from one of our 30 inch Hydraflo. […]



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  1. NOLA is getting crowded with investigations. The investigators are going to be bumping into each other. You can’t believe anything the Corps says. Not anything.
    Is it possible that such incompetence and corruption, on such a grand scale in a single maladministration, in so many areas of government, is it possible that this is unprecedented?

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