Spocko says Follow the Money in regard to the characters involved in the New Orleans Pump Scandal…J. David Eller, CEO, MWI and William R. Scherer Jr., MWI lawyer/spokesman and Jeb Bush, Governor and brother of W.

But I just cannot resist those sweet human interest stories. Like this!

Eller, the Broward County fund-raiser, attended the Republican National
Convention as a delegate. He urged Jeb to remind George that he looked
better if he took off his glasses when making a speech.
St Petersberg Times Online

Isn’t that sweet?

But this is like getting a BIG warm fuzzy hug…





3 thoughts on “BFF!

  1. somewhat tangential but not really:
    last night I was watching Tucker Carlson (blame the Nyquil) and the discussion was about the attorney firings. Hewitt was browbeating Carlson about pretending to be naive about politcal patronage. It goes on all the time, it always has, business as usual, blah, blah. I realized then what the phrase “serving at the pleasure of the president” reminds me of: the Mafia.
    As does the subtext of this letter.

  2. Yes! I also said, “pay attention to the people” Which I see you have!
    My favorite part? “Some risk to your standings in Broward County Courts”. HA! Right.
    Read the profile of him. We better watch out, these people are professionals! Angry professionals.

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