Toensing: “I didn’t talk to Miss Wilson or the CIA”

It is quite enjoyable to see Rep. Diane Watson (D-CA) methodically take apart Victoria Toensing. Also Rep. Waxman states at the end that the record will be held open “to put in other things that might contradict some of what you [Toensing] had to say.”

4 thoughts on “Toensing: “I didn’t talk to Miss Wilson or the CIA”

  1. virgotex says:

    “Reclaiming my time!”

  2. silvercat says:

    thank you, I was having a hard time finding this particular clip.

  3. squirm says:

    the crack van over at FDL was hoppin’ today…

  4. Paul in LA says:

    VERY proud of Rep. Watson (my representative) and Chairman Waxman (who represents Los Angeles as well).
    Gee, do you think Toejam is a biased witness?
    ‘Your honor, V. Toejam soured my cow’s milk, and killed three of my chickens with her eyes.’

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