Oh THEY’RE fed up

From CBS reporter Allen Pizzey on CNN’s Reliable Sources today…

PIZZEY: I don’t think I personally get numbed by it. I think if I ever
become numbed to this sort of thing and it all cease to be what I hope
is a decent reporter, I think that the networks, they are fed up with
the massive bombs. They don’t want to see things going bang anymore.

What troubles me is that – what troubles me most personally is when I
see children hurt and those are the stories that you really want to get
on the air and it really bothers me that we can’t. We cannot get out
there at the scene of these things, not because we want to see them,
but because I think there is a deeply human story that needs to be
told. That’s how people understand the horror of war, when they can
relate it to something that they understand. And everybody understands
their own children. So that bothers me. That bothers me
psychologically, who knows. (emphasis mine)

2 thoughts on “Oh THEY’RE fed up

  1. Bombs going off is SO last year! Can’t they do anything new and interesting with this war? I mean, the ratings for it are beginning to really suck!

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