18 thoughts on “3 Million!

  1. Congrats! When I was in college at Allegheny, we used to hitchhike down I-79 to Pittsburgh. At that time the road didn’t go all the way there but ended in Mars.
    This was in the mid 70’s and the Dead had just released Mars Hotel. So your karma must be good – since that is a truly incredible album. It includes the second Phil Lesh masterpiece (first one is Box of Rain) Unbroken Chain. If you’re not familiar with it – celebrate your 3 zillionth visitor with a listen. It’s stunning.

  2. As a more-or-less-daily reader of First Draft and resident of Mars, PA–though I doubt I’m your 3Mth visitor, as I’m usually dropping by from work, not home–congrats to the proprietors for the milestone, and my thanks for all the hard work that makes this place worth the ‘trip’ from Mars.
    FYI, the school team name is the Mars Planets, not the Mars Bitches.

  3. I can’t believe there’s only been one “Mars, bitches!” joke so far. Congratulations to the team. Thank you for having the energy, vision and resilience to keep this very fine blog going, and for your contribution to the political dialogue in this country. Starting a blog is easy. Maintaining it, building a following, hanging in through all the technical problems and the occasional troll infestation is NOT easy. You give this old lady some hope, kiddos. And that is a commodity in very short supply these days.
    Peace, V.

  4. We’ll be together
    underneath the stars
    Not talkin’ bout Venus, child
    Talkin’ bout, talkin’ bout
    Mars! Mars!
    Da-da-dah, da-da-dah
    Mars! Mars!
    Da-da-dah, da-da-dah
    The Farmers, ‘Mars’ (A great Chicago band from teh ’80s-90s.)

  5. This site does so much to help keep the NOLA recovery saga in circulation. Thanks for being there and keep up the good work.

  6. Mars, PA…
    Just North of Moon, PA, East of Indiana, PA and not too far from California, PA. (I have a bad arm and could hit Mars from my desk, I know it well.)
    Oh, and on topic, congratulations on millions and millions. You are my favorite obsession blog. Keep up the obsessivness. You put the ‘o’ in ocd!

  7. Yay and congrats.
    I still have major slowness problems on this site. Sometimes. Seems to have something to do with photos or videos on the home page.
    Had the same crud when FDL first went dot com. But they fixed it. I like the work done here, but I don’t enjoy browsing this site much these days. It’s a DRAG. Well known drag, I imagine.

  8. Darn! I was just here about an hour ago!
    Congrats. You guys do an excellent job.

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