He Just Loves Them War Criminals

Oval Office visit with Russian war criminal was the White House’s idea.

A controversial Russian general linked to atrocities in Chechnya said Monday that his meeting with US President George W. Bush was organized by the White House and caught him by surprise.

“The itinerary of my visit (to the United States) did not include a meeting with the American president and the invitation to the White House was a surprise,” Vladimir Chamanov told the Interfax news agency.


His visit to the White House on March 27 lasted 10 to 15 minutes and “George Bush said he was satisfied with our commission’s work”, Chamanov said, adding that     Iraq and Chechnya were not mentioned.

He said the uproar about the meeting was “proof that some people don’t want to recognize Russia’s success in fighting international terrorism in Chechnya… and its continuing efforts to stabiliser the northern Caucasus.”

The White House has since admitted that Bush would have been “unlikely” to sit down with Chamanov if he had known about allegations tying the general to the massacre of Chechen civilians.

Human Rights Watch noted the general was “implicated in serious human rights violations, including the murder of civilians in the villages of Alkhan-Yurt in 1999 and Katyr-Yurt in 2000… and the torture of prisoners in 2000.”

In Alkhan-Yurt, southwest of Grozny, Chamanov’s troops killed 42 people in December 1999, according to witness statements taken by AFP at the time.

4 thoughts on “He Just Loves Them War Criminals

  1. The White House has since admitted that Bush would have been “unlikely” to sit down with Chamanov if he had known about
    You know, I’m really, really, getting sick and fucking tired of hearing the same lame-assed “Oh gee, we didn’t know”, “Oh gosh if we’d only known” song and dance from the Bush regime. Don’t his people check out the background of people scheduled to meet with the Chimp? Is this “Administration” aware of ANYTHING that goes on outside the ever-shrinking bubble of reichwing yes men and toadies who surround this idiot? Goddamn!

  2. I’m not familiar with the case in point, but from what I’m reading in the main article, it looks to me like the fellow is a kindred spirit with Shrub. To wit:
    The Russian was implicated in murder and torture. He says the criticism of him is directed as his combating terrorism and stabilizing the region.
    In parallel, Shrub authorizes torture in the name of combating terrorism. There have been an awful lot of deaths in Iraq that some say are related to Shrub saying that he is stabilizing the region.

  3. This Ruski? He’s a punk ass nobody compared to Commander CodPiece. President Bush has shuffled over 650,000 Iraqi’s off this moral coil and he’s jes gettin’ warmed up!
    Nah, this Russian ain’t even in the same league as ‘Our Leader’.

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