The Pelting of Karl Rove

Washington’s own NBC4 reports:

White House Advisor Karl Rove was the target of a protest on the American University campus Tuesday night, News4 reported.

Rove was on the campus to talk to the College Republicans, but when he got outside more than a dozen students began throwing things at him and at his car, an American University spokesperson said.

The students then got on the ground and laid down in front of his car as a protest.

The students said security officials picked them up and carried them away so Rove could leave.

Citizen’s arrest:

Josh Goodman, an AU junior, said other students kicked the car “and tried to stop it as best as they could.”

He said the car, with Rove in the back seat, left after those in front of it “were all pulled away.”

Goodman estimated that the incident lasted for “close to five full minutes,” but Maralee Csellar, AU’s acting head of public relations, said the delay amounted to a minute or two. She said there were 12 to 15 protesters.


Goodman said students went to the Ward Circle building where Rove spoke to make a “citizen’s arrest” of the presidential adviser. He said the students claimed they had compiled evidence indicating that Rove had violated what they say is a presidential records act stipulating that all presidential e-mail be recorded on White House servers.

The NBC4 link above offers video of the protest, although I can’t get it to load myself.

Bushies will be lifelong pariahs, unable to show their faces in public in this country.

4 thoughts on “The Pelting of Karl Rove

  1. And of course the Post article, having been written by one of our nation’s best and most responsible Professional Journalists™, goes on to explain that there is such a thing as a Presidential Records Act, right? and that it does indeed require WH E-mail to be stored on WH servers, right?
    It’s weird how that next paragraph disappears whenever you look at the story in a web browser. I’m sure it’s there in the print version …
    “Opinions differ as to shape of world.”

  2. The NBC4 link above offers video of the protest, although I can’t get it to load myself
    Nor can I. I wonder if the link is Atrios’d, er, um, FDLed, or if must be banned for showing less-than-glowing-approval of Dear Leader’s Architect. How Fox-y is NBC4? Is is an Authorized Distribution Center for GOP talking points?

  3. LittlePig: Probably it’s been slashdotted or atriossed or whatever. I’d be very surprised if someone like C&L, or even some random person on YouTube, hasn’t picked up the clip, however…

  4. There’s a guy who lives in my apartment building who will stop me coming or going to send a few minutes talking about sports, politics, etc. And over the years, it has become quite clear that he’s a pro-Bush conservative, was totally in favor of going into Iraq, etc, etc.
    So this morning, as I’m heading out, he’s down in the garage and he says “So, what do you think of Nancy Pelosi going to Syria?”. And I’m thinking, “Here we go, headscarves and undermining the Bush State Department.”
    But he says “I think its just great. You have to talk to people. Even in the worst of the Cold War, we were always talking to the Soviets. Yup, Pelosi going to Syria is a great first step. She’s got the balls that Bush and these other guys just walk around with.” Then he says “I’m sure you remember that I was in favor of going into Iraq. But when they didn’t find the WMDs, Bush should have found a way to back his way out. He had no mandate to stick around and try to build a nationout of their factions. I’m really coming to understand what an incompetent he is. Now, his stubbornness is just defying the will of the voters, of the American people.”
    I just about fell over.

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