Friday Cat Blogging: INTRODUCING…

… Willie B. Bienville!



Yes I brought a little bundle of love and joy back from New Orleans. Somehow it seemed fitting. He was very good on the plane. Willie is incredibly affectionate and as you will see in the video very playful. And I think he has blogging in his blood because at one point he stops all play and looks at the teevee when CNN announces Breaking News. I have a feeling there will be beaucoup cat blogging in the future.

20 thoughts on “Friday Cat Blogging: INTRODUCING…

  1. congratulations on the new addition, scout! he is adorable! thanks for sharing him with us. 🙂

  2. Enchanté, Monsieur Willie B.! He’s a treasure, Scout — totally full of fun. I had tears in my eyes at the end, seeing him drowsing in your lap. I’m so happy for you both, and wish you a long and happy life together.
    Peace, V.

  3. Marmalade kittie!!!
    Orange cats are the best.
    Love the crab-walk action. He’s very tiny-I didn’t realize how small till I saw him next to your hand.
    Congratulations. Take lots of video and pictures- he won’t stay this little very long.

  4. Willie is a most handsome, smart and spunky little kitten, Scout, I’m overjoyed that the two of you met, and were able to go home together. It’s seems like it was meted. Meted? Is that the right word? Destined, at any rate, will work. You two seem perfect for one another. Teach him to enjoy traveling with you… I’ll tell you that having a Kitty Ko-Pilot is a very fine thing. I regret not teaching my two Kitty-Kidz to like the car and the carrier.
    Three cheers to the both of you, and for the rest of your Krewe… I’ll post a little note at my place to reward your most exelent behaviour!
    BTW– I’m willing to throw in for his shots and stuff for you. Lemme know where to send the dough. Willie needs him some Vet-lovins!
    Tony B.

  5. Is anything cutter than a kitten? Welcome Willie! I love you brought him back from New Orleans – you are right, very fitting.
    Enjoy your new bambino!

  6. Welcome, Willie B! Laissez le bontemps roullez!
    We also brought a kitten home from New Orleans; Lala loves spicy food and likes to play with water (she was born under the house next door just before NOLA was hit with the ’95 flood). She’s 12 now, and still full of piss and vinegar like a n’awlins cat should be.
    Can’t wait to see Willie B. grow.

  7. Awww…He looks like a charmer.
    I’m sure he’ll find ways to get into things he shouldn’t before long, though…

  8. YAY! You have a Katrina Kitty, a lean, mean, playing kritter. I am sure he is glad to have gotten a good home with you.
    Have fun Darlin’.

  9. Moncchhhhhhhkiiiiiiin!!! 🙂 Congrats! Bienville c’est tres beau!!! 🙂

  10. BABEEEE! nothing like a new furball to help with the loss of a furball. but 2 is better and 3 is fucking great.
    orange boys are sweeties.

  11. Brava, Scout. I have been entertained for 8 years by my two marmalade tabbys, Digit & Lucie. You’re in for a party, guaranteed!

  12. Scout, girl, you’re killing me with cute. I love Willie B. already. You’ll have to keep me supplied with pictures so I can monitor his progress. I want to be sure you’re giving him good care, because, after all, he’s a Louisiana kitty, and I have more than a passing interest in him.

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