Friday Ferretblogging: Little Joe Versus The Sick

So it turns out the treats I’d been feeding Joey before we left for New Orleans were on the list of contaminated pet foods that grows longer by the day. The petsitter said he’d been restless and sick-y while he was there, so off he went to the Best Vet Ever, where he was cleared of the contamination sickness (his kidneys are fine) but diagnosed with a nasty stomach bug ulcer, for which they’re trying to treat him now. He’s been at the animal hospital since Wednesday while they try to see if he’ll respond to drugs. We won’t know anything until later today, but we’re hoping the drugs start to work and he can come home soon.

Here he is a few weeks ago, fluffy and silly and so dumb if you crank the sound up you can hear me trying and failing to keep from cracking the hell up at his goofy self:


8 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Little Joe Versus The Sick

  1. I didn’t realize the danger extended to ferret food. I’m so sorry Joey — and you! — have to go through this. Joey’s fan club is pulling for him, all around the world; here’s to Joey coming home to love and comfort soon!
    Peace, V.

  2. I sure hope he gets better! I have a Jack Russell and am watching the feed situation VERY closely. I’m glad it’s NOT the feed. Ulcers are curable.

  3. Is the Ulcer related to the contaminated food? Yep fertilizers in pet food – great idea.
    Who needs government regulation?

  4. Paida, at first we thought no, but it turns out wheat gluten can cause gastric ulcers so maybe. I am just kicking myself for not going out and getting them the good treats when they ran out and feeding them that crap instead. Nothing but organic raisins from now on.

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